If you ever want to know what out of date soup tastes like with hot source, it tastes like hot out of date soup..

I guess its an improvement..

Also, the hot source was out of date too, but that doesn't seem to lose its flavour so quickly..

If you are wondering, why am I eating out of date food, well, its cheap, and there is currently a shortage where I am..

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It's rather ironic having ordered food from 6,000km away, its cheaper than local shops !

Local shops are running out various products and have no idea when stock will be in next.

Sitting on 18 months supplies at the moment.

Some things I got, have already gone up 600% in price..

Also, reconstituted peanut butter isn't too bad, even if it takes you 20 minutes to hack it out of its jar, cut it into small pieces, and mix it like concrete to get it back to what it used to be like before it separated into hard stuff and liquid on the top..

Then pour it back into the jar as if nothing happened. :-)

Still, it was cheap..

Tomorrow, testing out that new canned fish that arrived, the one that doesn't have any YouTube video reviews..

Fingers crossed !

The chocolate ration has gone up !

FX [ Wonders who will get that reference.. ]

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