I started learning JS about two months ago and, despite the lack of experience, some people were willing to pay me to develop stuff for them.
The fact is I published my first work open-source and free to use (streaming overlay) and that may be the reason.

Public, open-source projects can get you recognize if done right. It's a modern marketing tool for beginners!

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    I got hired because I was able to do what they needed. They didn’t give one single fuck if I did open source nor if I can understand the language.

    I was able to do their job, that’s the only god damn reason they care.
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    @010001111 I'm not saying it WILL FOR SURE get you a job. What I'm saying is open-source can be a tool to show yourself and what you can do.

    It's obvious companies look for someone to do the job. First step for a complete beginner is showing they can do what they say they can.
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    @010001111 did you also get the job two months after you started learning?
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    @electrineer They would have taken me even if I just learned a week lol
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