I am just modifying code I wrote not too long ago. And it becomes a mess. But I know from business, I don't have time to refactor.

I start to really appreciate the open/close principle. But I don't have time to follow it.

Well... That's how it happens. I do it. I know. I really can't do anything against it.

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    Can you _really_ not do anything against it? How about saying 'no'?
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    @alexbrooklyn Is this that kind of question like when I say: "I have to eat" and you'd say: "Do you really have to? It's your choice. You can choose to die of hunger if you want."

    Yeah, I can't do anything, because I agree with the business side that the time spend to refactor is too high and I'd rather get the application in a presentable state before the next funding round, which sometimes means amassing technical debt, which I will not be able to pay off because I am not a permanent employee but work for a consulting company, hired to help out.

    The alternative? Clean code that is not done, no more funding and a dead project.

    Yeah, I'd say I can't.
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