I really wanted this to be an angry rant but I just realized that I am 19 and am absolutely unable to handle even miniscule amounts of stress without going apeshit. Got my resting pulse measured a few times by a doctor and it's 90. And I exercise regularly and go running. I just want to live in peace on a mountain somewhere, modern live is just pure poison for me. Thank God I don't use Twitter or Instagram or any of that stuff. It'd kill me in a year.

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    Easy angry rant, just type in all caps.
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    Fuck it bro I'll go monkey mode with you
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    Just the fact you are only 19 and you have hit that type of extreme says something about how much developers are treated like trash and neglected - I programed for 17 years - I'm a plumber now for the last year and I enjoy it more cause the amount of crap you have to put up with is worse than the actual crap , real talk
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    You need to learn to handle stress (and so do I). Try to take things less serious and don't stress yourself too much. I know, easier said then done. Psychotherapy (CBT) might help you, if you're lucky your health insurance covers it.
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    My solution is to blast the DOOM 2016 playlist on repeat until the world fades in the background.
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