At our workplace we have to log our activity by the hour on Jira because management wants to make sure we’re actually working on our tasks

This never happened when my (really cool) boss was around and I feel like they now legitimately want us to quit

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    Start putting down a line item for 15 minutes per hour to use Jira.

    Kill them with malicious compliance.
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    It starts with reporting every hour.

    It ends in only being paid for those hours you reported on, and your days suddenly going from 9 hours to 15 hours for the same pay.

    If they need to micromanage you that far, they are a sinking ship.
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    I don't get it; what's wrong with wanting to know how much time you spent on certain tasks?!
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    @sladuled The Scotty Principle.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Okaaay, had to google wtf that is.. but I still see no relation to my question..
    Unless you mean you intentionally overinflate estimates with intention to slack off after the tasks are done.. and even if that is the case, you could just log the hours without actually doing anything anymore..
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    @sladuled it's usually a sign of piss poor management, a highly underachieving team, or management introducing paid for hours worked on tasks, and not hours in a day.

    There's a difference between "I worked a couple hours on this" to "I worked 1 hour, 43 minutes and 17 seconds on this"

    In my experience that's where you end up and quit.
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    @sladuled Assume for this hypothetical that I can work twice as fast as the average Joe.

    So, if we're tracking my time like this, now I have to sit around and not do jack shit for half the time... or else they'll know how fast I work.

    And if I let on then they'll expect me to always work that fast.

    And now that the jig is up I'm working twice as fast as the average Joe for the same pay.

    However, if my time isn't tracked, only my production... then I can choose to either work twice as fast for twice the money... or work half my top speed for the same money.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Still makes no sense (to me).. you log hours. It's not like they monitor your keypresses and network traffic, so you can really log whatever you want..same as how probably your boss inflates those numbers even more for the customers..you take more breaks & keep the timer running..simple..

    Besides, if your boss knows you're a fast worker & abuses the shit out of this instead of rewarding you, he's an asshole for that thing alone, not for making you log hours spent on diff tasks.. my opinion..

    I dunno.. I've never had problems with this if I knew what task to log.. I have some timer plugin that holds customer, task info, url info..allows multiple tasks running at the same time too, so I can test this while working on that.. anyhow, I punch the numbers in the next morning..

    We need to log, but I don't see the problem.. it's not like they're nitpicking to don't count the bathrom breaks & cig breaks etc..

    I also have 15-30 min gap in logs (depending if it was a regular night or post apocalyptic night) for emails and jira overview + quick questions from coworkesrs that noone bugs me about.. we also have a regular calls twice a week which can also go unlogged or you can log it to internal tasks if you wish, but they are not important as the boss is present & knows wtf you were doing + it's not going to customer reports anyway..
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    @C0D4 we used to have that every hour kind of logging at my old job but they were straightforward with that you're supposed to do it on work time ie take the last half hour or whatever you need for registering your hours
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Interesting, log everything in exact details every 15 minutes? Might as well write a script to automate this for me.

    .. actually, wondering if this is possible
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    @sladuled I'm coming at this from the freelancer perspective.

    I do x project in 7 days, I get $8,000.

    I do x project in 20 days, I get $8,000.

    I do x project in 3 days, I still get $8,000.

    My stance is that effective programming can't really even be measured in "hours".

    But you can't really measure it in "amount of code" either because then devs would just start writing scripts to do random spaces or something just to run up their git line count.

    Really the only metric that matters and does actually measure a programmers efficacy is delivery, and how fast that can be done.

    So, when I do the project that everybody estimated at 100 hours in three days... I still want my 8 grand. I don't give a shit about the hours. The product was estimated to be worth 8 grand and I built the product.

    This kind of hour tracking, IMO, can only show lack of trust and inability of management to give staff any amount of leeway to make their own decisions. Both of which delay... delivery.
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    var taskArray = [
    "Development, front-end.",
    "Development, back-end.",
    "Dev Ops.",
    "etc..." ]


    var thisHoursTask = taskArray[Math.random(taskArray.length-1)];

    // Look up Jira REST API and write the appropriate record to the appropriate place. I already have to suffer Bitbucket when GitHub would be better in every way, and I fucking hate Jira and Atlassian, so you guys are on your own for this step. But it looks like you do a curl request with some flags and then send a JSON packet of the appropriate format. It's REST.

    }, 900000);
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi If you get 8k/project you get 8k, agreeed. You still had to make an estimate & deliver it in time, to be payed 8k, correct?! So if they asked for logs by the hours, you will put in the logs for estimated hours even if you did it in less, right? Or ask for extra per project if you plan to be super fast with it?!

    Not sure why you'd even have a boss to overview your work if your freelancing though, but if you have clients & if clients want logs they get logs. Or you get different clients..

    And for 9-5ish jobs, customers want reports, you log hours.. they have annual subscription to support, you log hours to know how much to additionally bill when they spend all the monthly quota. Same for CRs..
    Boss wants reports, so you log hours so managment can see if you struggle with estimates, certain tasks, to know how to plan you etc..

    In any case, loggin the time spent on tasks is not something to be dreaded, unless you do jack shit & fail to deliver. Otherwise it just gives boss/client an overview on what you're currently working on & how much more time is needed to finish things.

    It can be cumbersome, yes. Especially if they expect you to activlely log every 15 minutes as they pass. But I see no harm in having your work logged.

    Another thing is, what you already mentioned, if they assess you on the work logs or by the lines written. That's just bs for a dev either way, if it's done by clients or your boss.

    It does make sense & come in quite handy for example when there are straightforward support tasks waiting and you have more than one person responsible. This way you can see which ones actually did somethig for the day and which ones logged insane amount of hours to just check some settings & than slack off for the day..

    Anyhow, this debate could go on, but it's pointless because nothing about logging is exact science.
    Like with anything else, if you have normal boss/clients, you shouldn't have a problem even with requests to log time spent on tasks.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi oh sweet mother of yes, I fucking loath Jira so much that I tried to suggest we switch to using GitHub projects.

    But it has less metrics so nobody wants to even consider it. The bad UI makes me vomit kittens and the inner child of my innocence
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    Fucking hated those. My last job also didn't link the tasks in jira with git, so the whole manual labor was painful.

    Plus, my brain works 5 hours a day, but it works for real. Get me to work it more and I'll be burnt out very soon. So tasks that should take 2 hours, take 10 mins because I spent those 2 hours slacking and mentally preparing for those 10 minutes of glory but management are dumb fucks who don't understand that whole process. So they gave me heavier tasks because based on manager's dumbfuck estimation, I shouldn't have slacked so much. So basically they shrunk a normal 20 man-hours task into a 5, and said "oh, she could do it!"
    And that's the story of how they killed my motivation for that job. (plus other stuff)
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