I legit saw some idiot post a screenshot of their completed PR contributions to Hacktoberfest 2020 on Instagram

One of them was to add their name to a repo that contributes nothing to open source (as in literally nothing). It was marked as valid because some dick made a repo for easy PRs to game the system

Fuck these guys

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    Yeah my email blew up when folks ... were 'helping' a repo apparently I had something to do with.


    Shit readme.md edits and fucking psudocode is filling my inbox!
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    It won't be very hard to detect legit PRs, even by a software. They are ruining the open-source ecosystem.
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    Didn't they introduce new rules to stop that stuff?
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    @Jilano they did. But you can still circumvent it but creating a repo that is actually a static site, but it loads shitty content through submitted README files. All the site is is “these people completed hacktoberfest!”

    In these files is just someone’s name and favorite whatever.

    When a PR for each README is merged it gets uploaded to the site. So it “looks” legit but it adds no value.
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    Take a cold shower. Make some coffee. Order a Hitman with the religious killing coverup add-on. Pet your cat. Life will get better.
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