Got my very first job in a reputed software company of our country Bangladesh, as Associate Software Engineer (Java). 😄

Finally, my hard work paid off. 😁

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    I don't know what that is, but kudos!
    I'm guessing fresher out of uni?
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    @C0D4 Actually, I've worked last 2 years as freelance Android Developer, in total 3 years of experience of working experience (including my personal works). In the beginning of the year of 2020, started learning Spring Framework as I am familiar with Java. Target was to get a job in a reputed company to learn and implement building high-end backend with latest tech.. 😅 Worked hard, now successfully achieved. I've completed my diploma in Computer Technology 2 years ago. They recruited me as mid-level engineer, I'm fresher literally, cause there are lot to learn .. 😅 As it's my first job, kinda nervous too. Hope, for the best. Thank you. 😄
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    @theabbie Thank you. ^_^
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    Welcome to the Associate SWE gang 🎉!
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