Update on second offer:

This company has absolutely no sense of what they are doing and their only selling point is that one of their co-founder is a PHD from Harvard and has friends from Sanford and other places and he is a son of an Indian Billionaire who founded the largest IT Servicing company.

Fucked my brains in every round of interview and were hard selling me the position.

Just got off with another round with Billionaire's son.

CTO aka Billionaire's son's exact words:
"We are doing world changing things which you would never be able to do at your current org because they are not superior like us even if they are a FAANG. We are OG and all other Indian companies copy from valley."

All this while dickhead was brushing his teeth and taking a dump. Had zero courtesy on how to respect others during interviews.

I bashed him on the processes and confusing me and he said I am not serious about the role. Yes, I am not because who the fuck would want to work for a crap shit like you who brags for 15 minutes with absolutely no productive conversation?

Annoyed and bored the shit outta me. Fuck your originality and fuck you.

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    @SortOfTested Shall I ghost them or take an offer (counter it with first job offer) and then ghost them?

    If founder's son is such a douche bag, I wonder what kind of employees you deal with. You have a strong heart and mind.

    Massive Respect for you.
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    Not to be rude, but what's with your luck?
    Keep us updated!
    And I still hope and pray you'll find the best job my dude! Good Luck!
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    @SoldierOfCode Yes, I have an offer and I resigned already. I am trying to get an counter while my org is changing its policies to retain me (which I doubt they will retain).
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    I have contracted for a lot of really really dumb people who've graduated from really really top tier colleges. Ijs.
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    @hashedram True man.

    I just completed his assignment and sent it over as he said it would take 15 minutes to write.

    Let's see what he has to say.
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    He was interviewing you while pooping? lol
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    Name them. We'll be aware.
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    @d-fanelli it's a power move. I like it
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    @shoogknight Whats a power move? I would’ve cut the interview right there after hearing the first poo splooshing in the toilet 🤮lol. The billionare’s son’s very classy for coming from a wealthy family 😂😂😂
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