I have been trying to understand kotlin coroutines for a day and I UNDERSTOOD NOTHING!! 😭😭😭 makes me doubt my whole knowledge of concurrency and async programming and that's also probably too much incomplete.
Somebody please help!

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    Maybe you need a week. Not everything in life is instant.
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    @electrineer guess so.i think i would need to Unlearn some stuff just to get a hang of it. I have been making apps that would interact with network/db /file systems, and would include a lot of thread switching via threads callbacks,, executors and handlers, but now i don't think i understood all of them.

    Or this shit is completely different way of programming, idk
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    It's fairly analogous to dotnet's Task api.
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    Maybe telling what you didn't understand would get you better answers
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    Reading docs it tells that it's lightweight threads, analogous to a c# Tasks
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    The problem is the weird expectation that you HAVE to get it in a day. It's all just stuff made by programmers for other programmers to work with. Keep at it, it'll come.
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