I can't be the only Indian dev who feels bad about being an Indian dev because a majority of the Indian devs, companies and clients are stereotypically and actually huge piles of trash and don't want to be considered as one.

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    @F1973 *feels you.. up*
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    I have an incredibly hard time believing most of the ones I've worked with actually have a CS degree. Definitely need higher standards.
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    @SortOfTested CS degrees in 99% of Indian engineering colleges is nothing but some outdated and spoonfed syllabus for ridiculous amounts of money.

    I graduated from one, and had to learn actual stuff by myself to be employable.
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    The things I wonder about are basic logic, math and reasoning ability. I don't necessarily feel that I learned much useful to most of my day to day work (frameworks, languages, etc) for my obscenely overpriced degree, but I did obtain engineering fundamentals and the analytical skills to use them.

    It does feel like there's an erosion of education quality here as well though, as everything spirals towards "for profit."
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    @rutee07 "Is that your colon I feel in your prisoner's pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
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    India has a number of tech problems they need to sort out. It's not about racism, but clearly identifiable causes. Among them are:

    - No tech career, so good devs need to quit dev and become managers as quickly as possible. Self-caused brain drain.
    - Companies refusing salary raises: the only way to even keep up with inflation is job hopping. Self-caused brain drain.
    - Many really good Indian devs don't work in India for non-competitive Indian salaries, but go abroad. Self-caused brain drain.
    - Family pressure to take dev careers: forcing lots of people into dev who have neither interest nor talent.
    - Bad education system that rewards rote learning, but that whole way of thinking is unsuited for development.
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    @Fast-Nop dude you're so on point
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    @SortOfTested We can't fully blame education system for not having basic skills like logic and reasoning ability. Those are the things you can know yourself.
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    You shouldn't be able to obtain a degree without it.
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    @SortOfTested If you can pass the exam without that, they have no way to do that. Education system is just one half, other half is our mindset.
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    @mcfly It's tech as well. Medical is also an option, but that's at least somewhat regulated.
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    Indian devs that have become self aware must be removed from India at all costs and brought into a country that will give them a chance to earn an actual paycheck on their skills.

    I hereby proclaim the creation of the IETF Indian Escape Task Force. Because it is not an Indian's fault to have been born in India.

    Side note for my homies in Venezuela, El Salvador and the Philippines, we coming for y'all too
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    Count me in. Most just don't vocalise their disgust cuz it's futile. The only driving force for me to leave this country's roots.
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    @mcfly You mixed that up with Russians.
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