Time for some one-off self-promotion.

I used to be very active around here, but dropped off the face of the internet world for a bit. I still lurk around and respond when people mention me in comments, but if you'd like to see things I post, and projects I work on, please consider following me on twitter.

You can find me @ewpratten over there.


Also, I have been writing posts for my personal blog over the past few years. Those can be found at:


I hope to see a familiar face or two in twitterland 😆. Have a nice day y'all.

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    @F1973 I've been doing well! How about you?
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    Hope everything is going well!
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    Twitter..... hmm there's goes @C0D4's secret identity 😅

    Good to see you still lurking, I'll be sure to mention you more often then 😇
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    I really don't like Twitter... their political agenda shows. And yeah... people on Twitter creating artificial shitstorms out nothing. 😅
    Nevertheless, it cant hurt to follow you.
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    @PonySlaystation totally agree with you on twitter remarks. What I really noticed and makes me sad is that cancel culture thing on tech twitter. If I say something like sega is better than nintendo kinda shit, i will get cancelled by all nintendo nerds like in a half an hour, what's better is that I will get cancelled by sega nerds also because politically incorrect statement or some shit.

    Great democracy regarding the freedom of speech and grouped bullying by bunch of people that cannot stand anything or anyone that differs from their point of view or their own agenda.

    It's like - I dont like this and I dont have to learn to deal with it, I'll just cancel it and happy days!

    I would rather those people to learn skill of coping with the shit in their life than to cancel people. Cancelling won't change a shit! It is just ignoring the problem, just like sweeping it under the rug!
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    @PonySlaystation that's true. I make heavy use of the "blocked words" functionality.it helps
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    @dfox yes it is. I have also been bringing my dev duck on quite some adventures. He's a good little friend :)
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