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    I feel like the scale of fretting about this is as absurd as Apple's marketing at times ... maybe more.

    Like everyone knows what the offer is, and the price. Go buy a charger if you need one.
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    When you have to face the fact that your phone is supposed to break or be obsolete long before the charger dies or the cable rips. That is a hilarious statement on how much you care about the enviorement.

    Not allowing people to repair them is fun too.
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    @N00bPancakes "If you need one" who doesn't?
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    Most people?

    How many people don't have a charger of some sort?
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    Apple's environment credentials would be more believable if lightning cables weren't such pieces of shit
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    Crappie 😂 hilarious
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    @nibor Are their stock cables bad?

    I mostly use some cables from Anker and they're pretty beefy / been pretty bulletproof for me.

    I think just by happenstance the cable that comes in the box usually stays someplace safe for me so I haven't had them break much.
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