Robert C. Martin. Clean code philosophy changed everything.

Reading code ala Uncle Bob is like a binary search to the place in the code you want to work on.

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    I hope you didn't take all that stuff literally though. There's some pretty fanatic shit in that book, so add a good dose of common sense and just take away the general ideas.
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    @devdiddydog not related to Uncle Bob but you reminded me of those fanatics I worked with, who took "program to an interface, not a concrete implementation" too literally. I guess every book or advice should be taken skeptically.
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    You can fuck everything up by overdoing it. Even breathing. See hyperventilation.

    But in my experience, overdoing SOLID does at least not lead to the atrocities I see so often.
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    @Xamenyap: EDIT: NOW I got what you meant - after I posted my reply. For historic reasons this is what I initially wrote: didn't follow you on that one. I am the opposite of fanatic, and simply pointed out that those who claim Clean Code is a bible should be a bit careful.

    @TheCommoner282: exactly.
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