Is FAANG overrated?

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    What's your motivation? If you want to be able to boast you worked there, then no, it's not (and that often works very well on a CV.)

    If you just want a decent salary in a challenging role with interesting tasks to work on then yes - you can find that elsewhere way more easily than going through the ridiculous recruitment processes those companies are known for.
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    Let me know when you work there.
    Personally, they have never interested me.
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    Sexually overrated
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    Facebook and apple, yes. Facebook churns people via cattle calls and leans heavily into high volume labor, middle cost to get its results. It's corrupt and the essence of mediocrity. Most people working as engineers for apple are actually slave labor working at site b and aren't even allowed to put apple on their resume after working there.

    Amazon, Netflix and Google, you're liable to be working with the absolute best in the industry. You won't find gaggles of stuffed shirts, peter principled management, completion coders, cheap+low skill off shored labor, etc. They unload the chaff early. You'll be surrounded by peers that are actually your peers. You deal with problems at a scale most companies only dream/have nightmares about. It's hard, it's low quality of, but if you care about being challenged and pushing limits, it's one of very few options; it's the closest thing to bell labs that we have now.

    They all pay well enough to get you retirement inside of 10 years, as well. That frees you up to pursue your passion without having to sacrifice your family.
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    @SortOfTested all that pinkish word are fine if it is usa or equivalent any country but not india . You see.. there's a thing called mentality . In india they choose the engineer by their gender not the Talent or capabilities ( exceptions are there but very little) . It's not a even a month that Google india was hiring nooglers few days ago and majority of them were girls and some of the boys actually created fake female cvs among with their original ones and guess what .. the female ones got accepted for further interviews ( u can check the recent news ) . And after several days a cp test got leaked that a girl got a question which she had to find maxValue out of array . It shows the mentality of GIndia how they thinks the dev world works. I'm pretty sure they thinks pinky girls can do much better performance than the skilled boys.
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    @SortOfTested Edit : I'm not going for girls can not do this and that . I support everyone ignoring the gender unlike google india.

    If you're still reading by now you should get my point what I'm trying to say .
    Also it's not only Google , the whole fuckin FAANG does this in india.

    Edit 2 : this is the part 2 of the above Message and also I'm not a devrant subscriber so I couldn't post it in one message .
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    No idea. I can say I never worked with an indian woman when I was at Amazon or Google. Our sister teams in India and europe were almost entirely men, as were most of the companies stateside.

    I take hearsay as just that, I shared my actual experience.
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    @SortOfTested yeah this google sexism things is very new in india it happened this year
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    Do. not. work. for. zeh. enemy.
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