Ok, my brain is still in shock regarding what just happened.
I am currently continuously switching between 2 projects, a company and a prototype project. an hour ago, I went to have some lunch, my laptop might be on at that time. Now am back an I have just one project open: my company's . In recents, my personal project is showing, but the link says "Folder not available" I checked the original place, the recycle bin, everywhere! the project is just not to be found! WTF IS HAPPENNING ? DID SOMEONE REMOTELY FUCKED ME ? i am being hacked, please help

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    ah fuck... almost gave myself a heart attack... yesterday I changed the folder name to something else and forgot about it. Android studio, being a fucker that it is, would show me the "Project name" and app name, which were not changed when I changed the folder name.
    So say My project name was davidplayer=appname=foldername and i changed folder name to musicsamples but project and appname is still davidplayer then it kept showing me davidplayer everywhere and I thought yeah my project is davidplayer, where the fuck it went?
    when music samples was sitting in front of me

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    You are the same guy who loses code because he forgets to save them,



    I don't think anyone hacked you
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    @yowhatthefuck that's why you should not drink as much XD
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    @theabbie yes 😅, that reminds me to push the commit, thanks
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    @iiii man its my mom's birthday and I had a feast for a lunch XD
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    I am currently sleepy as fuck, but this small thing got every single hair of my body standing
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    If the Op was a pilot
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    @nibor that is literally me
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    By the way, the first thing to do if you ever suspect you're being hacked (your local machine, that is) is to completely unplug your computer immediately, do not ACPI shut it down (shut down button or whatnot) and then unplug your router (or modem, if they're separate).

    Then boot into Safe Mode and inspect your machine. If you're super paranoid, get a linux rescue disk/USB stick that has an NTFS kernel module installed to mount your hard drive and inspect it without booting windows.
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