3 things clubbed in one.

1. In talks with a company which you all use everts for your survival. When I get through, I'll be able to directly build a product for you all. Damn! So excited. I hope everything goes well.

2. I had a realisation that domain matters a lot in Product (my role). Just like tech stack or language matters for a dev. What I was doing is applying for cross domain and getting sad on failures.

It was like a React dev applying for a devOps role. Holy fuck!!! I have been doing this all wrong and now that I have clarity, I need to be real smooth on domain level and I am sure things would be easier.

Guess the next switch keeps me in Fitech that too B2C Payments. Now that opens horizons for me for my future jumps.

I'll post the 3rd one later.

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    Good luck, I hope that realization opened a lot of doors for you!
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    @SoldierOfCode A LOT.

    Somehow I feel I made a good move. Though my core problem isn't solved if I be myopic about it. But my distant vision is clearer.
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    It's been my experience that business vertical matters a lot more in management than engineering. I don't even interview with framework or language specific questions; I don't hire grunts.
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    @SortOfTested so much this.
    Cool you can code - like everything else, but do you know what your getting into, do you know the target audience, do you know the shitty software they use in the name of "efficiency", and do you have any idea the consequences their shitty software has on our own software and decision making?

    Yes! Holy fuck, your hired!

    Mini rant over

    Good luck Mr B2C!
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