As simple as it is to implement, the tell sign of a good application is a custom right click context menu. I swear every-time ones offered I smile.

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    As simple as it’s to implement, as simple it is to fuck them up
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    Sadly in the age of mobile these are going the way of the dodo, but it's a real shame - I've always thought a good, custom context menu is fantastic UX.
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    @AlmondSauce Perfect UX has both when used right; but many (especially designer) push things into "just add a button for the menu, duh"
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    @example-user how can you fuck up a context menu though ? I agree they should both be offered in most cases though
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    @AlmondSauce its usually an accommodation thats overlooked so when it is implemented, its a sign of good craftsmanship. An attention to detail
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    1) Menu is not shown instantly (e.g. loaded via ajax)
    2) Menu is not accessible (arrow keys; no action on context-keyboard press)
    3) Bad design (usually sub menus being janky either by bad JS or too simply CSS)
    4) Positioning inside the document or wrong aria-labeling when using voice readers
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    @example-user 6 levels deep sub menues that close completely if moving mouse out side of border.

    On enter sub menues covering the active one.
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