Anyone else keep a "free time study" list because they cant keep track of what it is they want to do next ?

Mine is a mess of circuit analysis, personal application work, kubernetes courses, learning piano and re-learning C properly.

My mind wont let me approach only one at a time. Im almost always in this non-complacent rut of wanting to touch on everything as if each topic has its own momentum and ticking interest in my head that I have to keep fed.

And so I literally have an hour at night dedicated to piano, kube courses in the morning, and circuit analysis courses on lunch breaks. On top of my full time programming job.

Feeling hungry as fuck though for constant knowledge. Learn all the things, indulge constantly and never grow satisfied with what I know. I dropped out of college for my career and here I am now, wishing I could sit in classes all day and just do nothing but learn.

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    Yeah I've got three years worth of reading planned because I see more interesting things than I can handle lol
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