So I got a message from a counsellor or something idk. He told me to look at a local software company, just because I mentioned the word "programming" once in my CV

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    Well you’re a programmer, right? So check out this programmer company...
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    "I hear you're into computers."
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    @example-user I'm just a kid who goes to high school and decided to learn programming because there isn't much to do here. I got 2 certificates (front and back end) where one is from FCC, which is a bad place to learn with a toxic af community
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    @Magnus195 you Said you’re into programming, I don’t actually care about your certificate, we have this app and you can help, so get going!

    Oh we also have this printer that doesn’t work... can you take a look at it? Thanks!
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    @example-user well, that's my experience with most projects I'm invited to

    "We got a youtube channel, now make a music video to this song"

    At least I googled my way to earn 1000$ in a few hours
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    @Magnus195 Can you explain why FCC is a bad place to learn in more setail. I have found it to be excellent but I havent done a lot
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    @Sony-wf-1000xm3 their JS lessons were fine, just many of them were outdated and broken. Problem is the community, especially mods and admins. Kinda lost my respect to Quincy after an event and hearing what happened to many others
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