You know how you get hired to solve some serious issue and solve it in time, but then get blamed for every fucking thing that is wrong and stuff not even related to the project?
Fucking kill yourself if a thought regarding busting my balls so you get free advice/solution to your problem crosses your mind.
I have helped a lot free of charge. Sometimes I check some new thing out to form an opinion/get experience. But I won't do it anymore for ppl that clearly want to manipulate me and/or are not nice while doing so. It used to work when I was a noob, frightened of my own shadow thinking I might have caused problems while solving something else. Not anymore.

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    Know those feels.

    I do think that most people I have run into (not speaking for you of course) are less intentionally manipulative as much has they straight don't know the complexity they're asking or the amount of work that goes into it so when it sucks ass .... it's confusing because they think this is simple...
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    @N00bPancakes There are those ppl, true. But then there are those that intentionally misrepresent the task to deceive you. For instance... I once got a task to install two servers into a rack, install WinSrvr onto it and copy over some data. That "some data" was two domain server migrations along with the file server roles. In generic terms that is just data being transferred over from one server to another. But all this was not paid enough to cover my cost of beeing there for a day.
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    Yeah I love it when someones like "yeah, will you let me know when you have that fixed?" When it's much much cleaner for them to solve on their end. It actually happened earlier today. They said my stuff was broken because they didn't have the correct user permissions to run it and asked me to fix the code. Lol
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