Tbh this is one of the scummiest things i've seen people do on Hacktoberfest to make their pull requests count. Why are these even counted?

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    The bar is set so low the grass covers most of it. 🙄
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    Atleast they are not spamming good Repos like previous years
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    You can report repos for allowing people to spam PR. Just sayin’.
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    @theabbie you mean this year? I don’t remember it was as huge as this year
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    @devTea It was real bad the beginning of October. Bad enough they changed the rules so that repos have to specifically say they’re open to Hacktobertest contributions or something.
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    Didn’t help that some YouTube vid went viral saying you could get a free t shirt by effectively making PRs to change the README of projects to include the words “awesome project”
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    @devTea Earlier, any PR made on any Repository used to count, this year, only Repos with "Hacktoberfest" tag are counted, so, all Repos are excluded by default. Still, ignorant fools keep spamming.
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    @theabbie Yup, but that wasn't the case the first few weeks
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    @AmyShackles I tried looking but I can only find the option to report users. Google didn't really give me any clear direction, any chance you can help me out?
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    @theabbie You couldn't be so wrong, and that's sad (I wish you were right).
    - one of many maintainers who have had (and still) are dealing with spammers because of this.
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    @Berkmann18 They can limit the activity on the Repository if they want, Hacktoberfest did their part, nobody can stop the fools who don't read the rules.
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    @theabbie Not really, you can't easily prevent people from commenting on random issues and PRs, putting PR "reviews", commenting on commits and then proceeding in spamming Slack (with has no block feature).
    For a single of many of the known repos I co-maintain, I've had to go through the lengthy process of reporting them, and I get the impression that GitHub doesn't want to make it easier or less painful for us (maintainers) to block people from interacting with repos in any shape or form.

    At the very least, GH has a reporting system, but when you add the communication channels like Slack, that's another story.
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    @Berkmann18 There is nothing Hacktoberfest can do with that, That's 'Cobra Effect', if they reward for something good, it doesn't take much time for people to misuse it. Consider this 1 month as a tough time for OSS maintainers.
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    @BLEEDINGNUTSACK https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/... There’s a link for reporting a repo that “doesn’t follow Hacktoberfest values”.
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    @AmyShackles Thanks for this. I reported quite a bunch but I think i didn't do enough. So maybe I'll write a script to automatically report them for next year.
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