damn... i am living at the edge of the world... When i get a task, I dive straight into it, look into it for hours , get confused, internally cry for help , and then declare it to sadly that I can't do it( to myself)

then i would ask my senior very politely to provide some help , he would come and i would tell him all that i could understand, then he would provides some pointers and gets equally confused ,and then leaves . then I leave my laptop , goto bed and close my eyes, wonder why am i in the tech world, opens some youtube videos to watch fake reality and lament my life, and then close my eyes some more, then come back to laptop to look at code for 1 last time before they fire me , and GOOP! there's the shitty code that ain't working, hiding behind that bunch of callbacks. I test with logs, make changes and SHIT FUCKING WORKS!

my poor 22yo heart is so gonna explode someday with all those ups and downs

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    I'd look into design patterns and principles. Like for OOP, SOLID and gang of four patterns. It really does level you up massively as a Dev, and for me much reduced shitty debugging spaghetti times.
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    You're a wizard, Harry!
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    WOW This shit is happening repeatedly. Another bug fix, another cry of "why am i doing this" ," i have no idea how to do or what to do" , "hey what if i try this" and "wtf shit works!!!" XD
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