I think I broke my boyfriend or did I?

He used to be one of those travelers who posted scenic photos on Instagram. He likes connecting to people from different parts of the world. Now, he said he doesn't like what he sees and wants to disconnect. He started noticing things he used to ignore before like the shops, targeted ads, bugs, the goddamn tiktok clips, etc.

One day, we turned off our video during video call. He took a screenshot several minutes later and sent me a photo that it still showed our face. I don't know if he's trolling me or what but I'm pretty sure we'll both end up in the lunatic asylum at some point and I'm not complaining.

After all, I've seen him watch a Resident Evil gameplay with a pocket knife beside him. He said it was to cut a banana but I'll entertain myself and imagine it was PTSD from Warhammer necron-like zombies from Afghanistan.

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    This gives me cozy but impending doom vibes
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    @phat-lasagna That's the coziest part!
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    Could you ask him what specifically he doesn't like what he see's ?

    I like to make lists..
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    Install a baguette module that fixes him
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    Better not show him that Netflix filmdocu about social media causing all those conspiracy thinkers and making the human attention and "profile patterns" their commodities
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    @rutee07 Have you tried rebooting him? That or an upgrade should do it
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    Don't let him watch the news.
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    @bakk A swedish imposter appeared.
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    @Frederick Aren't those just stories to scare children?

    "Behave, else the savage Swedes will come and bring you to their awful land."
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    HM. Broke. Nope.

    Awareness is a better word I guess.
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    @NEMESISprj The Social Dilemma? ThAt's actually valid really (or another one?) $
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    @Nanos Mostly politics, tiktok clips, ads, and shopping features.
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    A wise (And very ugly friend of mine. ) told me that all relationships are transitory, so perhaps this one has run its course, and its time to look towards getting another.

    I'm reminded of someone I chatted to for a few years, and in the progress found out I didn't like them !

    I guess it saved having a physical relationship and breaking up. :-)
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    @linuxxx yeah that one. Saw it recently and I'm pretty sure it's what caused the current investigations/actions towards social media services! I personally never felt really manipulated by media, but I guess there are gullible people who don't fact check anything they hear. Especially when you get thrown in a specific bubble of information that's dangerous
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    needs more regular sex.

    that's the best brain reset/defragment/temp folder cleanup.
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