Question, how long does a brand new top of the range keyboard work before it goes wrong..

Answer = less than 6 months..

Question, how long does a 25 year old keyboard last..

25+ years without going wrong..

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    Follow up question:

    How long does a brand new WiFi light switch last ?

    Less than 2 years.

    How long does a 25 year old light switch last ?

    25+ years.

    I think I'm beginning to notice a pattern..

    What do both things have in common ?

    LED lights..

    I wonder how small you can get vacuum tube lights..
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    Yeah I mean. Things aren't built to last anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ can't sell people more shit if their things never break I guess.
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    @Nanos the answer to your last question lies buried with your age computers (:
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    That reminds me of that video: https://m.youtube.com/watch/...

    tl;dw They put so many LEDs on the SSD, it overheats to the point where it becomes unsusable
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    LEDs themselves tend to last forever, even the cheap crappy ones. It's the drivers that usually fail due to being designed & built with the cheapest, shoddiest components known to man.

    It's a bigger problem in consumer light bulbs tbh. The actual LEDs could last for decades, but the things crap out after a few years because they couldn't be arsed to spend a few more bucks on a decent driver. The amount of landfill and unnecessary waste that must cause is criminal.
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    Thats is why I bought a model M
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    I'm putting mine up for sale soon..

    If only I could get one with lights in it, and left handed..

    (I have seen someone do a left handed one by sawing off the number pad and moving it..)

    But I don't think I've seen someone retrofit one with LED's though..
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    Unicomp does not have them?

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    Not left handed, and not with lights in each key.

    Also, I don't think anyone does a true lefthanded numberpad, since it should be mirrored, as our thumb is otherwise in the wrong place !

    Eg. numberpad on the right, your right hand thumb presses 0 key.

    If the numberpad was mirrored correctly on the left hand side, then your left hand thumb would also press the 0 key.

    But instead its positioned for the enter key, and no easy way to press the 0 key ..

    Related link:

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    All you have to do is design a keyboard with screw in light blubs so its easy to fix when a light goes..

    Or maybe a fibre optic feed and just one light bulb to power all the lights..
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    And, make the key legend big enough so old folk can read them without their glasses on !

    (Like on the Model M..)

    I guess design better keyboard is till on my todo list then..
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