This absolute dog shit of a company from Milan reached out to me.

They sent me 3 emails explaining their interview process and assignments.


Their process is as below:

1. 2 assesment/tasks to screen you and avoid human bias while judging you

2. Screening round with take home assignment task

3. 3/5 interview rounds with problem solving tasks

Cool. I get 2 tasks for screening and I start out with that.

First is 30 questions aptitude with time frame of 36 minutes.

WTF!!! It takes nearly 30 seconds to read those 3 liners questions and their 4 options of 2 lines each. Dafaq am I suppose to solve in remaining 30 seconds.

I barely made it to 75% of the questions.

I start the next task which has 8 more problems with total time of 5.5 hours.



I immediately chicken out and write an email to the HR with my feedback that they can go and fuck themselves in arse with a carrot dipped in hot chocolate.

I fucking hate companies who ask more than an hour for any kind of assignment in the name of judgement/fair evaluation and then go on with 5 rounds of interviews only to make a person work on excel and pay them peanuts.

Fuck such companies as they deserve to go extinct like Dinosaurs.

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    As much as coding tests can weed out bad devs, I think they can weed out bad employers too.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi who they?

    And also having 1 test of 30 to 45 minutes is reasonable.

    Asking candidate to spend more than 2 hours should be illegal and shows company's lack of ability to judge candidate the right way.
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    @F1973 I wonder if asking them to create a 5 hour contract for doing their "example" is reasonable.
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    @Demolishun I was actually thinking of asking them if I can charge them for 5 hours. Lol then maybe I can take my time and give them better responses.
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    The Hiring People Industrial Complex strikes again!
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    Glorify your GitHub so you have something to slap those recruiters with
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    @uyouthe I am not a dev but I have something in my field to show them which speaks volumes.

    Assholes have their shitty process which we have to follow.
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    @F1973 no. We don’t have to.
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    @uyouthe yes, which is why I passed them.

    Lately I have learned to value my time and myself.

    If I cannot value myself, then no one will.
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    @F1973 this is so true it literally felt bitter in my throat.
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    Dear HR!
    I am writing you this letter to inform you of the following:
    In my humblest opinion, You may lay thyselves in your bottoms, with the usage of a carrot submerged in high temperature chocolaty liquid.

    P.S. I do, with all my might and mind hope that you all have a very good day, and become defunct, in similarity to the great beasts that once walked the land, and now are part of the soil.

    Yours truly, @F1973
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    The first one is testing how youcan priorize.

    Read everything, think abour responses while you keep reading.
    Answer only questions you are sure, dismiss others.

    Second 5H task is pretty standart. If you don't want to spend 5H on a task, then you are not really interested in working for this comnpany.

    I already had developpers spending 14+ hours for initial task.
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    @F1973 Why ?

    We don't want hire people who don't even want to TRY themn self on a 5h task !
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    @NoToJavaScript There are companies using hiring tasks to get work done then bailing on the hiring. This practice smells.
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    @Demolishun Ok, this is disgustful. But it happens.

    I always forced my self to prepare a TEST task which will test skills, but NOT something we are working on. I would HATE if candidate thinks we are using his time to get “free job”.
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    @SoldierOfCode lmfao

    @NoToJavaScript all the 30 questions were mandatory in first round. Also you sound like an HR.
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    My company does this also.
    I had to sit through near enough 2 hours of aptitude tests to get my current job.

    HR just likes to box people and the more data they have to put you in their pseudoscience boxes the more confident they feel when they hire the completely wrong person.
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    @Demolishun I seriously doubt many companies use code from random candidate interview questions in production.

    Think about it: if your boss said ”hey remember that algorithm we talked about? Some random dev who applied for a job (but didn’t get hired) just wrote it in 5 hours. Now deploy it”

    No one would accept that code. Even if it was perfect it would take effort to put into a codebase. Hell, if you wanted to steal code you could find better code on github.

    I agree that companies shouldn’t expect candidates to waste tons of hours on unpaid code tests, but I highly doubt it’s common to use that code.
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    I feel like 1-2 hours is OK but 5 is insane.

    HR thinks ”we don’t wanna hire people who aren’t committed”

    But they fail to realise that good developers
    A) are often busy
    B) can pick and choose
    C) they WILL commit 100% to any job one they are there - but before that they don’t wanna waste time on om uncertain whim
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    @Demolishun Yup... probably only been a month since I wrote up a proposal for 36 hours work and then they asked me to do it.

    I told them "I bill at $50 an hour, let me know".


    But I think the next time this happens I'm going to fucking unload on them. Just CC their fucking CEO and CTO and their head of HR and just fucking let them have it.

    At best they have way too high an opinion of themselves to think anybody wants to do a week of work to get their foot in the door. At worst they're committing felony fraud.

    Fuck them. It's time we devs take the gloves off for this kind of shit.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi We had a discussion a while back. Thought there should be a template for a sample work license to put on your work. Make it clear you will seek legal remedies if they steal your work.
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    @Demolishun Sure. It can happen, not saying it’s impossible.
    Just that I doubt it happens often in coding.

    With a design assignment - it’s possible for the boss to get inspired by the idea.

    But with code it’s not the same!
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    @jiraTicket Just for the records, I am not a dev :)

    Aso it's about stealing ideas and logic instead of code.

    And as @HiFiWiFiSciFi said, if someone needs to spend so much time just to get their foot in the door only because HR wants to feel smart about themselves then they can go and fuck themselves.
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