Someone was being nasty to me on a social media platform I use, and I reckon the next message they would call me a liar, so pre-empting their unpleasantness (They have a history of that going back 20+ years..) I posted a message telling them to f off.

But at that exact moment (Very Douglas Adams..) the social media site's storage got full ! (A weird error message popped up relating to their servers being full !)

So it wasn't posted..

I suppose that could be seen as a good thing..

Didn't Facebook fill up a few years ago once ?

Anyhow, a related link:


Oh wait, I have to type that with spaces, or you will all get RSI from mousing over it to see it..

h t t p s : / / w w w . q u o r a . c o m / W h e n - w i l l - F a c e b o o k - T w i t t e r - a n d - G o o g l e - r u n - o u t - o f - s t o r a g e - s p a c e - f o r - s t o r i n g - d a t a - w h i c h - i s - c r e a t e d - b y - p e o p l e

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    I hope you put those spaces with the console...
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    @c3r38r170 mashing right and space is very quick
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    Needs an add-on. :-)

    Or just the option to let you view full URL's...

    What I really hate is when folk post a shortened URL, and then, a few years later when you are reading the message, it doesn't work !

    Similar with hosted picture links, where all you get is a blank picture !

    I used to like that search engine that if you came across such a picture, and there was picture info, like size in pixels, and size of picture in bytes, you could search for exact matches and sometimes find it that way. (But I don't think any modern search engine has that option now do they ?)
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    'Ctrl + V'.split().join(' ') is faster.
    Sorry I just couldn't help it.
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    Does that work on windows.. ?
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    Early analysis of the situation brings up a couple of interesting points.

    First, their storage was only @ 30% capacity, even though it was was reported as a full storage issue, it wasn't !

    Things broke when someone (That's me!) commented to sometime else's message so quickly after they posted it, that my message arrived in the system, whilst they was in the process of deleting their message.

    The system has two doorways, each with its own database, that is supposed to sync with each other, which is does about once a minute..

    It's obviously not designed to handle a lot of traffic at once..

    So, one database deleted the message, the other allowed me to comment on the message, thinking it was still there..

    I guess things got in a bit of a tizzy and something broke both databases. (Perhaps in different ways, since they are both different architectures..)

    When they first introduced this, I did test and try to break things, but I couldn't..

    So I thought it was robust..
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    Of perhaps further interest, one database doesn't have an API for access, whilst the other one does.


    Not all the API calls are coded, some are just empty, so they don't work !

    And API calls trump the other database, so if someone tries to stop you doing something you aren't allowed to, you can just use the API to override anything you want, since the API doesn't check permissions..

    They might fix it one day.. (It's only been like that, 10 or 20 years, and I think they are on version 3.0 of the API now..)
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