Job hunt update:

Promotion with good pay raise (market correction).

After analysing a lot of parameters, market conditions, learnings, short and long term priorities, I have decided to stay back with my employer.

Though the offer in hand is much more, I am buying myself a runway period of 6 months to 1 year to score a decent gig in Europe which should not be that difficult looking at the current progress.

Excited for my next month's salary and work my ass off to polish my skills.

Time to relax until year end and enjoy life.

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    Glad to hear everything turned out fine, good luck mate :D
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    I really do hate the word "learnings" 🤣
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    Just a linguistic pet peeve of mine.

    1. It's not a word that people use (low communication value); the majority of its usage is relegated to archaic english (1700s), and in a modern context it bled over into business speak in the 1980s, and even then experienced little adoption.
    2. It has an air of pomposity; its usage has always been putting on airs, akin to the royal "we"
    3. When it's not 1, it's vague/ambiguous; what is learnings in this context? As a reader, if the word is removed entirely I am left with an equal amount of understanding of the statement. The rest of the words in the enumeration are broad, but contextually specific. One of these things is not like the other; one of these things is broad enough to encompass all the others.
    4. Oxford doesn't list it as a word. It's probably in webster's, but webster's is the american urban dictionary of pseudo academia at this point so I ignore it entirely.

    There's nothing wrong with using it, I just hate it and it makes me want to punch kittens 😿
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    @SortOfTested wow!!!

    Which is why I always wondered why the word 'Learnings' is always detected as a spelling error.

    I am with you on punching kittens or kids.
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    In person, when someone uses the word, I assume we're conducting the conversation in character and reply with middle english 😋

    "What were the learnings from the meeting on our cloud migration?"
    "Fi'enst min maester, yae didst thokin aufst unk en yon maeting alenden scholde stert jō kubernetes"
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    @SortOfTested I had a stroke
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    @SortOfTested drop programming. Research language.

    Holy *S H I T*.

    SortOfTested: “just a linguistic pet peeve of mine”

    Also SortOfTested: *writes an entire essay (and even includes a graph!) on her opinion*.

    That can’t be a linguistic pet peeve, that is eternal suffering in my book.
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    You too will learn to think in research paper some day, grasshopper ;)
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    @SortOfTested wait.

    Let me invalidate the statement.

    You said it’s a *pet-peeve* of yours, not a crime against humanity 😂

    Even if I would’ve known how to think in research papers, I wouldn’t’ve gone this far 😂

    “Sorry, I don’t speak academic”
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    Congratulations! I envy you haha
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    @wicho haha thanks buddy.

    Don't envy me because I had to struggle like crazy to reach here and it's still not up to the mark.

    I hope and pray your path and journey to this point is much easier than mine :)
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