You know how it is, you are a level 100 Wizard and you want to do the quest for the ring of Mordor, but you can't quite manage it, since you don't have the top gear...

And how do you get the top gear you ask...

Well, by completing the ring of Mordor quest of course !


How the hell do you complete the quest, if you need to complete the quest to get the gear to complete the quest !

Suddenly you notice how games reflect the real world..

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    You get the enemy to glitch on terrain and snipe the shit outa them!
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    Just do a trust fund speed run. No clip your way to the top slot.
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    How do you get to choose which parents you are born to.. ?

    Actually I was born to the right parents, but then a financial disaster hit the family and we didn't have money after that. :-(

    Tales of @rutee07 ...

    Ever since then, I've been trying to even just get on the first rung of the ladder !

    As such, it greatly interests me, how do you..

    MMORPG games provide a simpler environment to test out approaches to that I find.

    And in hindsight, I have found a few bits of information, that had I been in possession of them earlier in life, would have made a big difference.

    Thus my quest in this world, is, can I find out the right information that would help me now, and not look back in hindsight and say, if only I knew X, I would have done Y instead of Z and been more successful in life.

    Playing the same MMORPG for 10 years and getting stuck like so many others at not being able to do the hardest levels, is frustrating..
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    Lawl, if you figure it out, lemme know :p
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    One might ask, what do the folk who do manage to finish those top levels have in common ?

    Well, they have the most skilled team carrying them...

    Sounds like CEO's doesn't it. :-)

    Obviously, if they are skilled too, that helps !

    But it is possible, if you are useless, if you you can talk everyone else into doing most of the hard work for you, they can help you climb the ladder..

    I'm trying to figure out, how can I do it solo..

    And, just how easy is it to put a team together ?

    Actually, its really difficult to put a team together !

    I often see folk pleading for years trying to !

    Those are the ones I help, but I'm only one person..

    Still, if the quest level isn't too high, being that I'm near the top, I can often help out those nearer the bottom than me.

    So, the secret to success is team work !

    And the secret to putting a team together ?

    I don't know the answer to that one yet..

    Anyone know ?
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    Putting a team together is a bit like going on a date and saying:

    "I'm really poor right now, but if you marry me and go out to work, we won't be poor !"

    That's never going to work will it..

    Some folk say to me, bluff it !

    "I'm really rich, honest, marry me!"

    "Oh, and could you also go out to work, we need the money.."

    Bluffing isn't very ethical is it, don't we call that, lying..

    Job advert:

    "Work for my company, because I don't know shit and I want to be rich !"
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    When I play a MMORPG, its spreadsheet time, and study all the equipment to squeeze the most stat wise out of everything.

    I do the same in my real life too !

    I'm very very slowly levelling in real life..

    Currently I reckon I'm level 1.5 !

    Again, I also try and help others too.

    And, with a tiny disposable income now, I can actually afford to give to charity. (1.23% of my income.)

    I'm helping to sponsor someone poorer than me, but its not as easy as you might think, since they don't want to take notice of any advice you give them on how to improve their lives !

    I'm often suggesting ways for them to make money, but their reply to most of them, is that's unethical..

    For example, I suggest digging a well.

    But a well steals water from other peoples land..

    So they rely on drinking rainwater only.

    See, not so easy to help folk than you might imagine !

    So, what else might someone dirt poor do to earn money ?

    That is also ethical..
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    What is your limiting factor regarding earning money? Time. If you trade time for money you stay in one place. So, you find a "lever" that allows you to spend an amount of time on developing this lever. Then this lever will continue to produce when you reduce or stop spending time on the lever.

    Stocks are one way. Building a company that is self sufficient is another way. Software is another way.

    It is also a mindset. If you are stuck thinking working n hours returns me y cash then you limit your thinking to that paradigm.

    I am still stuck in the hourly mindset.
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    Nanos I'm as usual wondering what drugs you take...


    But building a team is simple.

    Listen. Monitor. Moderate.

    Listen is meant proactively. People won't tell you everything. Nag them if necessary.

    Monitor their actions and behaviour like a psychopath - we speak in 2 languages, one is acoustic, the other non acoustic.

    Moderate. Make sure that everyone is heard so noone starts an riot.
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    Just my natural state, drug free. :-)

    I have some experience building teams, but practically no experience putting a team together in the first place.

    Eg. Where do you find that 2nd person to go from solo to a team !

    One team I ran, it happened like this:

    I joined a company, there was other folk already working there.

    The boss / CEO was a complete idiot..

    A group of us left the company and I became the new CEO !

    I have tried since to replicate that, but it appears really difficult to find others willing to follow you..

    (The group that did follow me into a new venture, was all Scandinavians..)
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    FX [ Wonders if anyone has any good lever suggestions.. ]

    I'm reminded in one MMORPG I play, folk sometimes pay other folks a small fortune to help them with quests..

    So, perhaps the solution is get rich, hire mercenaries :-)

    Only problem is, getting rich usually requires you to have the best gear..

    I guess that is like starting a company, you pay folk to do the work you can't do on your own..

    But, where do you get the money from to start a company if you are poor..

    In many MMORP's, they don't have banks, so you can't get a loan !

    Those that do have banks, often an employee will steal from the bank and it will go bust..

    (I guess real life is a bit similar !)

    <-- Fan of levers.
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    @Nanos SOFTWARE

    How you choose to pursue that lever is up to you.
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    @Nanos hm. I'm not a "nomad".

    It takes time for me to adapt to a new team, since I'm mostly management it's become easier. Consequence: I do not switch teams or build teams. My strategy is usually longterm - relationship and only trying to improve the status quo instead of starting at zero.

    A " nomad" would be someone who likes switching teams, interacting with new people and so on.

    I'll think you'll have to either build trust and friendship or take a dive in the cold water and do it (hoping people will be convinced by your action and follow you).

    In the end both decisions can end badly.

    If I had to pick someone from beginning... I guess I'd pick someone whose qualities I'd seek in a non work relationship.

    Priority number one: someone I can argue with. Those are the best.

    They make sure you'll don't get the wrong ideas and give you contra.
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    @Nanos people tend to invest their time for their own reasons.

    for example, theres this pretty blonde women at my last work place. this grating suck up that works there had been trying to date her for over two years. I show up, she wants to hug me. kisses me on the cheek on several occasions. was very fond of finding reasons to press her chest against me. anyway, what the prior guy was selling her, the niceguy game, wasnt genuine. it was obnoxious weird and offputting.

    and while I was DTF I didnt want to get tied down. Im not one of those assholes that fucks and leaves, so I just left. kicking myself now. but I digress.

    she was kind of cheerleader or denmother to every guy at work.
    and her last boyfriend was a convicted felon. she liked projects and saw potential in people.

    point is, people invest in others for lots of reasons. being rich or even sexy is great and def an advantage, but there are a lot of things that attract investors (and team mates too) that dont include $$$.
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    I just died in Vermintide because there was a glitch, the floor disappeared, I fell, and that was it. Luckily, my team mates revived me.
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    there are a lot of things that attract investors (and team mates too) that dont include $$$.


    I wonder if anyone has a handy list ?

    When me and that group left that company, I reckon the key reason why folk wanted me in charge was I'd figured out how to get all of us to earn 10x what we was earning in the old company for the same working hours.

    It was simply, run the company with great efficiency..

    But, no one else appeared to have the ability to see how to do that, just me. :-)

    So I think in that case, it was simply $$$ reasons.

    But, I'd really be interested to know what other reasons folk might have !

    I'm aware of one for vehicles, speed sells, since folk want to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

    But also, so does MPG, since folk want to get from A to B as cheaply as possible !

    I think in a vehicle those are the key things to successfully selling a new model..

    Are there others ?
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    take a dive in the cold water and do it (hoping people will be convinced by your action and follow you).


    That is what I'm doing at the moment with several projects, though I carefully design the product design and construction of along the lines to be achieved solo.

    Previously I would design team based solutions, but then hardly ever get a team together to make that happen !

    Having more success with solo projects.

    Which is ironic in today's high population, so many folk on the internet to connect with world..
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    > @Nanos SOFTWARE

    Yep !

    Most of my projects, or maybe that is all of them.. generally include software in one fashion or other !

    I did reckon, in hindsight, that I should have spent more of my time programming when I was younger, and less trying to be successful in other ways, that ultimately, I wasn't successful with..

    Even if I wasn't successful via the software front, I'd have a lot more applications / games to my name. :-)
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    @Nanos you’re sooooo bipolar, I feel it
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    @Nanos I love it
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    FX [ Smiles @kiki ]
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    @Nanos they followed you because you had the *experience* to make them more money.

    Money you see is the effect, it is by utself rarely the cause.

    Think about it in the negative for a moment: the last time you left a well paying job, what were the reasons?

    Decisions often tend to be a confluence of factors.

    if I were on desktop I'd list some. hate typing on his shitty phone.
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