Why the hell is my performance & review partially based on the number of comments in my pull requests? piss off

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    Because you work for a lazy brained dumb as donkey shit pointy haired manager
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    Cuz your employer is a dick with no brain?!
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    Because.... you are paid based on LOC and don't realise it.
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    They looked at your PRs and decided let's screw this fellow
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    Because you’re a cuck, sir
    Consider doing something about it
    I’m sorry but the sooner you see the truth the better
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    Where we would be without metrics? Chaos! Unbridled chaos!
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    Well we’re not much different. We are scored based on what impact our work had to our annual turnover. Guess what. Developers have no say on that, as you can imagine this is business decision and we only develop what we’re told. It doesn’t matter that you finished all tasks on time and with no production bugs, if your work doesn’t bring money to the company your performance is bad. Very clever hah
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    Time to make a bot.
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    I’d tell that person, directly to their face, to get fucked.
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    Because it can easily be counted by an algorithm.

    Verbosity != Quality
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    Performance reviews are a bane of the field. Fuck every employer that uses them.
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    @junon Feedback conversations are good, as long as they're conversations, and not interrogations.

    Bidirectionality is important. A "worker" employee doesn't just exist to perform work for a manager, the manager must also perform work to support their employees.

    If an employee is the only one being scrutinized for their performance, they should have a higher salary than the manager by default, as the reasoning "the manager earns more because they carry the weight of more impactful responsibilities" doesn't hold up.

    I am a manager of sorts (department tech lead) for 30 devs. I advise HR about their performance. They also share feedback on each other, and on me. If I underperform in my duties according to the people in my department, it can have consequences for me.
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    @bittersweet Sorry, performance reviews are toxic. There's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. Wrap it up in whatever bows and glitter you want. They're still massive Fuck You's to anyone working at your company.
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    @junon Performance reviews... probably.

    You do need to be able to tell each other "I think you're doing great when it comes to x, but your role also requires you to be able to do y. You need to improve in that area. How can we help you improve?"

    I don't think salary should be very directly linked to that.

    You hire a specific role & seniority, pay them a fair salary which matches. You expect them to be professional in their work & personal progress.

    If they're not taking it seriously, you terminate their employment.

    Raises are a way to conform to market prices -- but not by going through some bullshit pile of forms, making an employee feel bad about themselves JUST so you can keep the budget in check. If that's the case, you just say: "There's no budget for raises".

    Conversations about personal goals, improvements, frustrations, etc still need to happen.

    Otherwise you end up with developers and managers who hate each other's habits and efforts and won't talk to each other.
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    @junon What I mean is that feedback should be given (bidirectionally!), regardless of what it means for your employment & salary.

    And as an employer, you should be honest about salary & raises, not use fake negative feedback as a crutch to deny someone a raise.

    That happens too often, and you're right about that: It's toxic as fuck.

    Both employees & employers should be honest in their salary negotiations.
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    I've never heard of feedback on managers. Geez. It's always been a top down ⬇️ feedback, not any sorta loop. I feel it's one of the broken things about many company cultures. Most people have heard that you don't leave a company you leave your manager. I wonder if having a feedback loop on your manager so that communication and other areas could be improved would actually result in some change if that was a normal thing.

    Me I've got a really good boss overall. but we've had some communication snafus that impacted my ratings. The majority of this was on the manager not me as I was working hard to deliver but I didn't try to create more noise by cc'ing on everything. Because that work wasn't front and center product driven it basically met my work was invisible to most.

    I'm in the process of looking for more product oriented role now because in many environments devops/sre value is difficult to quantify despite how impactful it is.
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    @SQLBarbarian at my workplace we actually get asked for feedback on everyone, including managers prior to their annual review but I'm not sure how efficient it is... I doubt they actually give a shit about it
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