Ahhhh!!!!! My No call Friday is here.

I am falling in love with Fridays more and more.

Life is sooooo fucking peaceful. And now that I am staying back, I am more focused on excited to get things done.

Money is surely one of the biggest motivation to work. LOL

And for the first time in life, I am not cleaning someone else's shit but getting to work on something new, something innovative, cool and exciting in my role.

I am getting to setup whole new level of process, take ownership, define things at entire Product level in this mega massive organisation.


New ideas, tech, team re-org, and sooo much interesting work to do from ground up.

I am sooo excited for next 6 months.

And while all this is happening, I am still getting calls for interviews from Europe. Fucking amazing and hilarious at the same time.

I have 3 big interviews lined up which I am attending because I cannot be rude to reject them and at the same time use them to mock practice for when I will be back in job market few months later.

I got so much done today and with this speed and less stress, I believe I can surely achieve more at work and in life at large.

Earlier weekends use to start on Friday evenings, now they start on Thursday evenings where every weekend feels like long weekend.

Happy Halloween everyone, it's one of my favourite season and time of the year 👻🎃🦇

Loving the present moment, living the present moment.

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