Ever this guy took over my previous boss this place has turned upside down. 10+ meetings a week, a weekly 30 minute to share our achievements (fuck off) and a mandatory book club. What-The-Fuck.

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    Wait, what kind of achievements are we talking about? Defeating the last raid? New PvP rank? Or something more trivial like developing something?
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    can u read in worktime?
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    Mandatory means billable.
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    @Jilano Stuff like "This week I completed this sprint and did this. But i did it better by doing it this way" or "we released this and did it under x hours."

    Essentially it's a pissing contest. Only 5-7 out of 30+ people talk this whole time.
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    @coffeeholic It's welcomed but we're more pressured to just some output in every sprint every week because it affects our quarterly reviews, which affect our promotion.

    The book club thing is a book that management chose for us and we have no say in not taking part. Would rather have a choice
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    @BLEEDINGNUTSACK if they obligate u to do stuff in your freetime thats fucked up
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