A lot of people think that the Johnny Depp vs the Sun is just gossip column garbage, but it exposes a harsh truth - a man's life can be ruined just because a woman accused him with 0 evidence, and while she proves to be an unreliable witness on multiple accounts.
Everything that was done to promote equality is being destroyed by cases like that, and I am fairly certain that many male employers will prefer not to employ women, because it's not worth the risk. And for the first time in my life, I can't even blame them.
Working in this industry is hard enough as it is for women, but this sort of shit makes it impossible. Thanks MeToo, for completely losing your mind, and screwing up women and men at the same time!

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    I couldn't agree more. It sucks for everyone involved.
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    @Jilano I am fucking shocked by the verdict. I imagine a lot of Murdoch money was involved there, but still....
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    Apart from the general issue, there's now the mentoring problem in IT. Quite some senior male devs wouldn't want to take the risk of mentoring a junior female dev because the seniors have nothing to gain and everything to lose upon a false accusation. This also involves after-work rounds. In turn, this creates glass walls that weren't there before.
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    @Fast-Nop I had senior devs making unwanted, uninvited moves on me, including a TL who wanted to get me fired because I told him not to touch me. He almost succeeded - I was a called for a hearing...
    So abuse of power does exist, and I think it should be punished. This doesn't mean any accusation should be accepted without a proper investigation, and if the accuser is found to be lying - he/she should get jail.
    If this was enforced, I think it would ease the concern of mentors who are not creeps.
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    @NickyBones Sure, that's why I limited the aspect of the incalculable risk to false accusations, given that refraining from stupid shit that would entail true accusations is perfectly within a man's own responsibility.

    And yeah, false accusations should lead to jail, however with "innocent until proven guilty" also for the suspected liar. It's a severe crime IMO because it not only ruins someone else, it also erodes general trust in the judiciary system.
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    @Fast-Nop I agree everyone deserves a fair trial.
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    On a professional note, his team fucked up majorly. As an image analysis person, I wanted to scream.
    The defense said the "metadata of the images is undisputed", and they didn't call bullshit.
    Bro, open your phone, cancel automatic time, set it manually, take a picture - undisputed metadata showing a fake hour/date.
    Also, they claimed the metadata shows the images are unedited. What? How? You edit a picture live in some apps, and you save it with all filters applied.
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    Deliberate false accusations should be punished
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    I’ve chosen to isolate myself from certain online activities because I know that I’m powerful, I know that my words can do damage, and I also know that I’m somewhat unstable now. I’m just being responsible.

    You have nothing to prove, you’re already powerful and that’s a fact. Maybe it’s time to start being responsible for that power you have?
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    Only the people who don’t feel powerful or don’t believe that their words mean something can go and say what they want. But in reality, words are weapon no matter if you believe in yourself or not. Words can do damage
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    @kiki Are you having a conversation with someone? Because I can't see their replies, and I am not sure what's going on.
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    @NickyBones I’m sorry, I’m always talking to some imaginary douchebag who keeps insisting on their douchebag opinion. You triggered this :( but I don’t blame you because it was me who chose to read your rant
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    @kiki Please continue the argument, I don't mind :)
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    Lol I spill that tea and @Nanos is already here updooting me :) best possible compliment to my bipolar self
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    And I learn a new term. :-)


    h t t p s : / / w w w . d i c t i o n a r y . c o m / e / s l a n g / u p d o o t /
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    I would still watch movies with Depp in it. He is a great actor. People should be praised for what they are good at. Not demonized for personal problems or the human condition.
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    @Demolishun I was never a fan of his (my eternal love is Keanu), I guess he is alright. But I will definitely not watch any movies with Amber Heard.
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    @Demolishun Of course, the first "Curse of the Caribbean" movie is really great.

    As for the case, it may be that she's a liar and just after the money, but it may as well be that he doesn't remember everything he did under alcohol and drugs.
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    There was a Canadian trial of Jian Ghomeshi. Seven women came forward to charge the guy with sexual assault. The public view at the time of trial was “believe the victims.”

    Ghomeshi was clearly into some aggressive sex and didn’t deny it. The women thought that he was a predator at trial. Opinion changed after they lost contact with him. They formed a support/vigilante group. He provided email evidence that appears to show consent. The court threw out the case because the prosecution (aka victims) manipulated testimony, lied, and conspired with one another.

    Ghomeshi is into violent sex.
    The women do believe they are victims.
    The women’s opinions on the circumstances changed after they joined group.

    Is he innocent? Innocent is the wrong word.
    Was “believe the victim” the right approach? No.
    Did the women feel like victims? Yes.
    Was there consent? Sometimes.
    Did they conspire? Yes.
    Ghomeshi’s reputation? Irreparable.
    Justice served? 🤷‍♂️
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    This is why you need 24/7 CCTV in every room in your house, so you have evidence on who did what to who, and when !

    Might also be wise to wear a bodycam when on a date..
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    @Nanos Or maybe the fucking media could stop narrating and shut the fuck up! Just tell the facts and stop telling made up stories. And maybe, until the facts are known, like at the end of a fucking legal dispute, shut the fuck up.
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    @Demolishun Reminds of something i did read last week about a journalist/editor who did publish an article based on "anonymous unverified sources" about allegations about the man, the man was innocent, he ended up committing suicide.

    Now this lady proponent of "innocent util proven guilty". Has hasnt faced any consequences for her actions and its fucking disguesting.

    Its so fucking hypocritically people these days cry about everything is fake news, while supporting these false allegations.
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    @Nanos There is actually footage from the CCTV in their apartment building, showing that she was absolutely unbruised or unharmed immediately after she claimed he beat the shit out of her. In addition, there are paparazzi images of her, and she even appeared on a TV show, which contradicts all her stories.
    He had tons of evidence in his favor. But the judge knew what was the verdict before the trial began.
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    @Fast-Nop I am fairly certain he doesn't remember how to spell his name. His statements are worthless.
    But she recorded herself on tape saying she was violent against him, and can't promise him she can stop herself next time.
    Also, she told stories about how he broke her ribs, popped her teeth out and dragged her on a glass shreds, and a day later she walks unharmed in the airport. She made up multiple fanfiction-level, elaborate torture tales, and has 0 medical evidence for it. In almost all cases, there was evidence that she was unharmed and lying.
    I think he's an idiot, but she is fucking evil.
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    I know of a few people who declined applications of programmers/developers due to being too attractive.

    I found it funny since it used to be the other way around.

    I also found it sad since it encourages people to be less attractive and while in workplace environment it makes sense, in human nature it doesn't.
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    @bioDan I was never happier to be average looking
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    @bioDan Early in my career I had a human factors person review my workstation for ergonomics. She was so attractive (beyond super model) that I could not look at her. Anymore it would not bother me, but back then I was immature. I am glad I didn't have to work closely with her because I was very distracted. Also early in my career women kept offering to fuck me all the time. That was distracting as well. Now I am fatter and old it doesn't happen anymore.
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    @Demolishun how does someone "offer" to fuck?
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    @sudo-compile One sign is to take you to lunch. Later this particular female, while 6 months pregnant, said to me "we need to talk more, outside of work". While staring at me with those "fuck me" eyes. She only did this when other people were not around.
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    @Demolishun I went with several guys to lunch, and even met with them outside work hours. It was never an invitation to fuck though.
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    @NickyBones That is where it started, not what made me believe she was pursuing me. To me it is now a red flag.
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    @Demolishun So you never had a friendship with a woman after? Or you had one, but without doing lunch?
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    @NickyBones I learned over time it is better to not. Unless it is does in a group setting. Like dev meetup of some sort. No mixed messages.
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    @Demolishun Damn, I hope I didn't mess up anyone
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    @NickyBones The lunch gal showed a pattern of events that led up to one event when I realized she was looking for something. I just looked back and saw how it started. It was also not common for people to "go to lunch" at our office. So at the time I didn't realize it was odd. So if it is "common" in your office environment I don't think it would be an issue. I honestly think this lady had problems. I mean when she solicited (made it clear she wanted more) me at the last encounter she was six months pregnant (serious hormones) and had a kid in the back of her car. Until then I didn't understand what she was after. So don't second guess yourself. This may have been isolated. There were other women with different circumstances that made moves on me. I felt pretty clueless in those situations, but over time learned to not "be alone" with women from work.
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    @Demolishun Usually, the "geek shield" works wonders.
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    @Fast-Nop I have a "fat shield" now.
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    @Demolishun Not an option for me because then my e-scooter would be less fun.
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    @Demolishun Yeah, lunch is the most anticipated part of the day. We always order or eat out, and since it's hard to decide on a place we all want to eat in, we mostly split to small groups or pairs.
    I got extremely good at passing myself as completely asexual being, which shakes of the creeps and keeps the good men (and their wives) at ease. I hope :)
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    @NickyBones I think it's different if you're not only able, but even interested in geek communication - which I assume because otherwise, you wouldn't be on devRant.

    I guesstimate that you would pick up a casual lunch conversation about e.g. thermal paste vs. liquid metal, and the peculiarities in laptops.
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    > It was never an invitation to fuck though.

    I think it was..

    I'm reminded of when a woman at work offered to show me her comic collection in her bedroom at lunch time. (She was 20+)

    Now, was that just to show me her comic collection.. ?

    I never found out since her mum arrived back home early from work before we got up stairs..

    I reckon that something like 99.9% of human interactions are because we either fancy the other person and consider them a possibility, or that person is useful to further our own agendas. (Eg. make more money, meet the right sort of people, get promotion, learn stuff.)

    As such, unattractive folk who don't know much, few people want to be their friends, or take them out to lunch.

    I got that wisdom from a highly disfigured friend of mine, who also happens to be very bright and connected.
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    @Nanos Bro, I never invited any of them to my bedroom. They never set foot in my house either. No, it was not an invitation to fuck.
    Lunch could be just lunch.
    Men with your mindset are the reason I only befriend married/taken guys. I make sure to meet their SO early on, so she knows I am not a threat, and these friendships have been lasting for years now.
    And then people wonder why girls don't advance in tech...because we are apparently not allowed to have friends.
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    @Fast-Nop We are not very much into these HW topics. We usually talk about papers related to our field, and ask for opinions about problems we encountered. We also like to try to anticipate office politics (who is going to stab who in the back). We occasionally talk about regular stuff.
    I find that avoiding certain topics and not touching each other works well for keeping it platonic.
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    Married/taken guys are just as much of a risk.

    I'm reminded of an ex of mine, when she wasn't an ex..

    She had a male friend at work.

    Now, I'm very progressive about that kind of thing (You probably don't think that !) and I shouldn't worry if my female partner has a male friend.

    I mean, it isn't like she is going to dump me and run off with him..

    We had been together 10 years.

    And yes that is what happened !

    Now you'd think with him being the kind of guy who likes to use his fists on women, he wouldn't be at all appealing, but there you go.

    Obviously I was just too nice for her.

    Not that she ever asked me to hit her.

    Not that I ever did.

    But, the general thing of male female interactions, is all really about, possible ship jumping.

    Backup partners.

    You may try and prove you aren't a threat to someone's marriage, but you are !

    Shit happens, we really should be aware of that.
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    @NickyBones Well, I mean any geek topic that isn't directly work related, basically - otherwise, it's business talk.

    But wait, what - touching co-workers?! I hate it already when someone is standing close enough to be even in range to do that.

    The only one I regrettingly touched is our big boss who had the nasty habit of shaking hands, and declining would have been very impolite. Thanks to Corona, even he has given up on that crap. :)
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    @Nanos Well, I am around for quite some years, and I never broke someone's marriage or relationship. It's a choice.
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    @bioDan "I know of a few people who declined applications of programmers/developers due to being too attractive."

    I've seen this happen. Some people are still stuck with the idea that you can't have looks, skills, and intelligence at the same time. When someone is attractive, he/she is automatically dismissed as being dumb and all the questions asked are just to confirm if that assumption is right.
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    @rutee07 yes that may also be the reason. There surely exist a trigger to undervalue attractive people. A sort of defense mechanism to the jealousy of less self-confident people.

    But in my case, I recall the topic was around other employees loosing focus on their daily tasks. Maybe that was just the excuse, idk 🤷‍♂️
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    @bioDan If House's team functioned while having 13 around....excuses.
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    @NickyBones true 😁

    But these discussions were pre-covid19 and all the WFH buzz
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    WTF didn't we figure out very publicly that Heard was full of shit? How could a judge ever rule in favor of her?
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    @junon Yes, we did.
    The judge ruled in favor of the Sun - Amber Heard was just a witness, not the defendant. Ruling in favor of Depp would have created some sort of precedent, and the judge chose the path of less resistance - not getting on the bad side of the Murdoch empire.
    If it pisses you off, you can sign the petition :)

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    Equality is a myth. I cannot win arguments with my wife 😉
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    @NickyBones well she offered her unli services for free to the judge and warner brothers bosses 😏. That's how she won the case and the movie.
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    @Devnergy She doesn't even look as good now. She put some silicone stuff in her cheeks and looks like Maleficent. But I'm not a guy, so maybe my judgement is irrelevant.
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    @junon she gave the judge lots of money and her unli free services
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    @NickyBones I listened to the entire 2 hour recording of Depp/Heard's argument that was clipped up and released in shorter form a while back. Heard's defense said "the clip was edited out of context" so I decided to listen to the entire 2 hour thing.

    I've had arguments with people that sound just like Heard - use the same wordplay, slight manipulation tactics in arguments, have unchecked emotions, exaggerate things.

    She behaved so eerily similar to some of my past "endeavors" that I can infer quite a bit about their relationship.
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    It's pretty clear, at least to me, that Depp has issues with drugs, attachment and commitment, and when Heard can't get through to him she gets emotionally distressed. She admitted several times in the recording to getting violent with him and throwing things at him.

    One time in the recording (that sealed the deal for me, personally) is when she tried to accuse him of doing so too (quite emotionally), and he had to tell her to calm down because she's overreacting. She apologized and took a moment to cool off, which to me is sooooo clear it happens often and she's aware of it. Seemed to be a recurring issue in their relationship.

    And don't even get me started on her "I'm just eating cookies in a legal hearing" deposition tapes. They just aggravate me watching her be so smug when she's there to ruin a person's whole life, publicly.
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    She needs to be kept in a mental hospital or in jail. He needs to reconsider his life choices. I mean, dumping Vanessa Paradis for Amber Heard? I'd pick Paradis even over Depp, any day.
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    @NickyBones Pretty sure all of his past relationships have come out in favor of Depp, too. Doesn't matter, the UK basically just ruled that slander is okay.

    Aggravating. Heard is nuts.
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    @junon I hope they will grant him the appeal. And that he wins in the US case.
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    @NickyBones Me too. Trying to remain optimistic but I know how the US courts are. I doubt that will happen.
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    @junon US is a jury trial - so I guess it's up to the people, at least partially. Also, last time she went to court against Depp in US (2016), she got her ass handed to her, case was dropped with prejudice.
    The legal analysis I read and heard about the UK trial was that the judgement was technically flawed. So I hope there are grounds for appeal.
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    @NickyBones I didn't know any of that, well maybe there is hope after all..
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    @junon In the UK, the judge mixed criminal procedures/legislations in a civil trial without justifying it, and also selectively applying this logic. e.g. The judge dismissed the audio recordings of her admitting to violence as hearsay as it was recorded outside of court, but used Depp's audios admissions and text messages as incriminating evidence even though they were clearly made out of court as well.
    There were numerous other stuff - it was pretty shocking.
    My high school 2nd best friend is a lawyer so I get to hear about it a lot :)
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