Well be a dev if you want to.

Don't be a dev if you don't want to.

So many gate keeping post for this week's group rant. Makes me sick reading them.

So many devs here think they are perfect by doing all complex things and others who cannot do like them is a loser and should not be a dev.


Just stop defining subjective criteria.

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    We all started from somewhere. What makes you a developer in my opinion is determination and willingness to learn and do better. I always help people who are willing to progress. Unfortunately there is this lazy ass people who want someone else do their job while they’re not putting any efforts into understanding how things work.
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    @PappyHans I get that.

    But saying that "don't be a dev if you don't read books" is just shitty.

    We all learn and that's the growth curve everyone goes through.

    Comparing incompetency with not knowing something because you are new is wrong.
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    @F1973 I agree with you. No one knows everything and we need to be supportive of each other. In my opinion majority of developers are in fact supportive in this regard, but there is always those who ride their high horses looking down at others.
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    @PappyHans We have many such high riders here today :)
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    @F1973 my answer is be the opposite and give them an example :) Honestly tho I know I am not that active answering or posting new rants, but I haven’t seen anything that upsets me in this regard. From my experience people moaning the most are not that experienced anyways, and they do not represent the entire community at the end of the day.
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    Devrant is a platform for people to vent out. That being said some people might say things in a state of anger that they normally won’t in a normal circumstances :)
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    @PappyHans Agreed. Set an example.

    However, this post of mine is specific to this weeks group rant and not about the platform.

    Well let's not discuss about platform toxicity.
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    The problem is the industry is saturated with people that have no idea how to design software.

    That said, keyboard warrior syndrome.
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    1. I am not a designer

    2. Stop being racist
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    Even if you don't want to admit, there are objective criteria to define compatibility between a person and some job. No one job is compatible with any human, and no one human is compatible with any job.
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    Thank you! A lot of people's opinions out there on how to be a dev are so ridiculous. It has definitely given me imposter syndrome and probably many others as well. Some people think they know everything 🙄.
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    >Some people think they know everything
    I hate this arrogance tbh.

    @iiii yes but then to some extent people are being toxic for no reason.
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    @phat-lasagna yes, yes, get out! More jobs for us 😈
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    @iiii bunch of little demons out there 👹, but is that actually how a lot of devs think?
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    I don't agree with your posts usually but this one I absolutely agree with. It's a massive field with all kinds of stuff, wanting to be a dev is basically the only thing you need.

    That said, I think many people missed the point of this week's question. I think it's asking for the downsides of being a dev, not "you can't be a dev if you don't meet these 27 different requirements...".
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    @RememberMe lol why don't you agree with my posts? 😂😂😂😂😂
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    @F1973 you remember all the differences we've had on stuff from management to privacy to dollars being linked to gold. Don't worry, I don't really hold it against you :p it's just a difference of opinion.

    Not that it matters a lot anyway, because I'm kinda tired of gatekeeping posts this week too.

    @phat-lasagna it's fine, at the end of the day all that really matters is the value you generate for whatever you're working with/for. And that's through such a large number of ways that the only requirement is just wanting to generate that value.
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    @RememberMe 😂😂😂😂😂 damn! What gold thing? Honestly I don't even recall when and what happened.

    Only thing I can remember which links to you is we once spoke about 1984 and you suggested me to read and I read it when I was away. It's crazy. Too awesome so yeah thanks for that suggestion.

    But yeah difference in opinion shouldn't be a hurdle in friendship.

    It's like "I might disagree with you but I will defend to death your right to speak".
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