Its stupid to define reasons to be something, but even more stupid to define not to be something.
I liked to play games. So today am a dev. My friend hated games , was passionate about bio and today he's also an even better dev. Another person has a totally different story and he's a dev too. We all have our personal reasons to be or not to be something, but the important word here id 'PERSONAL' , not 'reasons'.

"You are girl so you can't code", "you hate maths so you can't code", "you can't sit in front of laptop 24 hours, so you can't code " , "you can't tolerate casual office toxicity, so you can't code" ~~ yo what the fuck ?

Its a job. Its exhaustive, demanding ,tiring thing but still a job; that you can do for next 40 years and expect a living. It demands some knowledge ,dedication and sacrifices. People would find achieving that knowledge+dedication easy or difficult but that doesn't define the profession.
Also its a job that is done by people. And people are social animals who like to work with similar natured people . And its not wrong if a person is not a 100% replica of another . Thus what's "hardwork" and "dedication" and "fast paced" for one is "exploitation" and "negetive-environment" for another and therefore they can't work together. Like a mattress, we just have to reach the job that covers us and our goals comfortably( or settle for one that doesn't)

Surely there could be reasons why a person is a good or successful dev, but there can't be reasons to not be a dev.

I was thinking of writing a small contradictory point like "apart from physical reasons like not having eyes or hands there can't be a reason not to be a dev" but i just remembered that even there the world has proven me wrong. Blind people are coding, disabled people are coding, kids are coding , oldies are coding, what could be a possible reason to not code, except our own personal reasons?

The "job" tag is something that is very difficult to achieve by some profession, but coding and tech have achieved this tag( i wish that just sleeping , eating and fucking becomes a job someday too, but well) . And that too without a dead end. So if anyone wishes to explore the world of computers, they should be welcome, provided they know what this line requires and demands (in general)

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    I think you are interpreting "reasons to not be a dev" as "constraints you need to fit into in order to be a dev".

    Anyone can be a dev, but all of those people have to deal with certain things intrinsic to development. For example, devs have a high incidence of carpal tunnel, the high salaries in development often translate to long working hours (as opposed to jobs which you can do part time and still take home a high pay, like doctor/nurse for example), our job has more failure inherent than other jobs, your builds will fail, your infra will fail, your production code will fail, etc.

    Saying these things doesn't mean we are telling people reasons they _cannot_ be a dev. Anyone _can_ be a dev if they put the effort in. But people are giving reasons why anyone might be better off taking another career path. That's all.
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    Yep. You put it a lot nicer then I would. Sick and tired of all the wankers trying to tell people they can't code. Just because I hate math and not the greatest at it doesn't mean I cant code or be a dev. Fuck all you haters who think you can control my future just because you think you know how to be successful or think you allowed to tell me what I can or can't do.
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    @stub I think some types of math can help a dev go further and solve harder problems. But yeah, I have hardly used formal math for things in development. A lot of it is intuition. Where I see math more is game development. I used calculus once when I wrote a pid loop controller. That was a while ago.

    Right now I am trying to learn the math side of CS and it is opening doors for me in my code. At least it is helping me intuit the code better. YMMV
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    @Demolishun I can agree with you on that. Sure certain things can require math but it doesn't mean someone can't be a dev just because they're not great at it. I think people forget why we made computers in the first place. To do math and calculate for us. It wasn't even about games in the beginning though it quickly became apparent that it could be achieved. Have a great day.
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