Reasons not to be a developer:

1. You can't handle criticism. It will come from all directions. While some will be helpful, even crucial, much will be irrational garbage about naming standards, formatting, comments, clean code or stylistic preferences.
2. You can't handle moving requirements. Learn the phrase "Isn't it tiring carrying those goalposts everywhere you go?". On Monday, they want 1+1 to be 2 on Tuesday they want 1+1 to be 10 and on Friday they want 1+1 to be 11.
3. You get frustrated if you pour your best effort for weeks or months into something that never gets used by anyone in any way. "Yeah, that's great but the client/department decided a few weeks back we didn't want to do that so we aren't going to use it. The money was already spent so we figured we'd let you finish"
4. You don't enjoy working for people who know much less about what you do on a daily basis but who make decisions about how you will do your job on an hourly basis

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    Reasons not to be a developer? Fast deadlines and too many things to study. Unpaid overtimes.
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    @Devnergy At some companies, unfortunately, yes to both.
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    @Devnergy you've been repeating fast deadlines. Do you mean unrealistic deadlines? An for the second part, maybe just move to a country with labour legislation.
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    All good especially number 1. I met a lot of people who say they can be a dev if they want to. Hmm, maybe, but the same people get defensive when they perceive that someone is criticizing them even when you are just asking them questions.
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    @electrineer yes unrealistic fast deadlines. Have you experienced it before? And vague requirements.

    Create a black background

    During deadline: where is the yellow box at the bottom right of the web page?

    You: we did not discuss that in spring ooanning.

    Them: well we need that. Implement is asap
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    @stub You DO realize this was the weekly topic, right? RIGHT?
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