Wordpress folks , please help me out here.

Sometime ago, I was making an android app for this small NGO which had a functional website recently created in wordpress. My goal was to make their users go mobile, as I liked watching their uploaded videos, but the website interface was just horrible. The different parts of the website were :
- A blog feed, managed via wordpress, publically accessible via json based (horrible) rest apis
- A video playlist/player managed via wordpress but the videos were put seperately in aws s3, accessible to registered users, and
- a login/signup page, managed via a wordpress plugin.

I was able to parse their blog feed into my app.
I tried to create users/login/signup via the rest apis for the app, but couldn't because wordpress doesn't expose its database. so i went with firebase based login/signup/forgot pwd system.
I was also able to make api calls for aws s3. It actually didn't required any authentication, the bucket was private but was made inaccessible based on a client side isLoggedIn boolean provided by the wordpress plugin. So i also imitiated the pattern and hide the video access in my app behind the login check provided by firebase.

Now they are not satisfied by the solution because while registration, all the data goes into my auth db and registration details db, present in the firebase. and when a user registers via wordpress, the details goes into their wordpress plugin. We need a way to have accounts of users on both the platforms and there doesn't seem to be a way from either the firebase or wordpress to perform such migration.

So do you know any plugin or ways by which we could do it? note neither they nor i know enough php do come up with a custom php based solution. i can try tho, but then again, the plugin they used is known as "Profile builder" and afaik, it doesn't expose any data in any manner

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    WP users are just stored in Wordpress’s MySQL database.

    You don’t have to use WP to manage those users.

    You can manage them directly through MySQL.

    You will have to look up WPs particular brand of MD5 hashing for storing passwords, but that’s the only thing even remotely tricky.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi can you tell me more about it? Since they are using a wp plugin, am guessing the hashing technique to be proprietary.
    And even if not, wordpress does not expose those apis afaik. I can only write the android code for making an http request, but there must be a server receiving those request and authenticating the user in response .
    Do i have to write a custom server connected with mysql? Would mysql even allow access to that db?from what i know, they have made everything using the guidelines and tutorials, and didn't even installed the *amp stack or php my admin.

    if somehow its possible then it would be great, they are accustomed to the ease of wordpress for handling the backend, and i could relax in peace for not managing the 3 different server calls
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    @yowhatthefuck This Stack Overflow should get you started.

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