First of, im a cobol developer working for a bank where the priority is maintaining existing applications with new regulations etc. Im starting to get fed up with "please change this if statement" or similar minor "development" tasks. More and more is also placed on other platforms.
Secondly, i have been on medical leave due to a severe burnout (my brain totally shut down for a few months) and im back to working 100% but not fully recovered.

Has anyone been in my position and changed their job after a major burnout?
If so, how did that go?

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    I would find a personal project or two in a new language.

    This will simultaneously improve your skillset for some potential resume, and at least will let you get a feel if you can still "love" programming.

    I didn't quite "burn out", but got stuck in an easy job where I had automated everything and basically got 65K a year for like 3 years to browse the internet and monitor my automations. Boredom got SEVERE.

    I started simply with "I want to build a coffee table that can back up my iPhone photos and then display them"... and that led to learning about NextCloud, setting up Rasberry Pis as servers and clients... and THAT led to IoT.

    And once I caught the IoT bug I had to learn everything.

    2 years later and I'm freelance with most of my work being in IoT connected web native apps. I'm having a lot more fun... and it almost doesn't matter but making a bit more money too.

    So, basically... start back at the beginning and see if you still like it, at worst you'll learn something.
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    When I was young, I worked about 1.5 years in Cobol.

    I decided to wipe these 1.5 years from my existence.

    I don’t even mentions Cobol on my resume. NEVER.
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