Today I have 6+ meetings. What is this bullshit ..

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    Welcome to the Agile team.
    Where all your time is eaten up by meetings and "planning" and your expected to still meet those shitty deadlines.

    My best day since June has 9 meetings in it, that left 40 minutes in the day to actually do anything.
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    Do you have the obligatory meetings "I can't finish up tasks because I have too many meetings on why I can't finish up tasks"?
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    @C0D4 agile, while very vague in general, can be efficient when properly done. I mean you could even just call it common sense.

    Agile is now unfortunately just a buzzword used by management and it has lost its original meaning: just work smart and and renew yourself.
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    Usually I have to spend more than an hour on team meetings only... 😕
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    @C0D4 Agile can piss off
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