Are UserBenchmark scores even worth investigating?

I have a few parts that were reported Poor.


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    Why have you bought a relatively expensive fast ram but use it on stock frequency?
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    Nah ur just dumb lol
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    Did you even activate DOCP in the BIOS? Otherwise, you're running on JEDEC stock speeds way below of what your memory allows, and that sucks of course.
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    You can use userbenchmark to compare your build to others with the same components. It can be misleading when comparing overall performance between different components. Your results suggest that you haven't configured your memory for maximum performance.
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    @iiii hmm, I did change the frequency when I initially built the PC. I guess I may have hit default settings in BIOS. Thank you.

    See new results:

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    @codecrow are you sure the ram is in the correct slots to enable it to run in dual channel?
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    @electrineer yes sir dim slot A2 and B2.

    Funny story:

    After enabling docp, it upgraded ram freq to 3200. And then windows updates happened. Threw it in a boot loop and then stopped on a disabled display. Forcefully turned it off. Display still didn't work. Orange light indicator kept showing. Fuking graphics card got jammed. Finally unplugged ram and graphics card, still didn't work. Unplugged replugged psu. Everything working good now.

    Buuut still same stats as previous url.
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    The position you're now at seems to be the expected performance for running it at 3200 MHz. The better benchmark runs are with clocks of 3600 MHz or 3800 MHz. I found this out by opening all runs with your motherboard and filtering them with the name of your cpu and ram. I only looked through a couple of them.

    It's quite interesting that the most benchmark runs are with memory running higher than the advertised spec.
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    @electrineer wow. That's really interesting. Thanks for running those tests. I'd prefer not to go beyond the recommended freq. So I guess I'm good where it's at. The gpu is fine as is. Since it'll use "turbo" mode to get to overclock specs if needed.
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    @codecrow I didn't run any test. I just looked at the results posted by people with a rig similar to yours.
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    @electrineer thanks for investigating the issue** lol
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    @codecrow new results are much better

    What's up with your video card though? Does it have enough cooling and/or recent bios?
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    @iiii I believe it says that cuz it's not OC'ed. They even give that recommendation to OC it but I don't think there's a point since it has that turbo feature to ramp up performance when needed.
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    @codecrow oh, I see. Then it's all good 🤷‍♂️
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