So I know I shitpost about math a lot. Sometimes I joke out of embarassment for my own ignorance. And I want to thank all those who took the time, who tolerated me and taught me. All those who had patience, whos worst was an eye roll at some of the more ridiculous jokes, proclamations, and proclamations that were half jokes.

Now for the meat: the matix determinants angles has actually been really fruitful. Try 70+ GB of logged determinants. Whoever wrote windows search function in a way that it indexes the *content* of textfiles, really, *really*, took their job seriously, so thank you.

After six months of searching and countless nights of waiting, I found one half of a formula I've been after.

It was a value in one of my determinant files. Using a predetermine product (for testing) with known factors, I derived

m/(au) = n

I have bu and a/u.

Unfortunately, while I found a value VERY close to n also in the determinant logs, I ONLY logged the values at the time, and not the respective variables used to obtain them.

So now I have to rerun the determinant finder for 183^4 values to spit out the formula, 183 being the length of the known element list.

Im pretty sure I have the formula for m too, because its value is in the logs. But I cant check if the determinant for n holds with other products (as a relation to au and m) until I *have* m.

I know what I'll do if I find the other half of the solution (and it holds for other products). I've spent a lot of time thinking about it. I just cant believe im actually this close to an answer.

I know what I'll do.

I'll expose the false left/right bullshit and dump ALL the blackmail material western agencies keep on politicians and all the worst dirty laundry of the pentagon, 5 eyes, and the media trying to get Americans and westerns to fight each other in the street. Along with all the dirty secrets and dealings of every defense contractor and every corporation on wall street.

I'll expose it all.

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    I hope it works!
    Best of luck! 😊
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    Exciting, keep us posted and don't let the glow in the dark nigs get to you
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    @Hazarth my god. what is this comment.
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    @Wisecrack It's a reference to CIA trying to silence people. Originates with Terry A. Davis, the (mentally unstable) programmer behind Temple OS. He had schizophrenia and believe the CIA were spying on him because he "knew" some secret stuff about their "experiments on mutants". He believed the experiments gave them some super powers like mind reading n such, but it also made them glow in the dark, this he referred to them as the "glow in the dark niggers"

    I just liked the secretive but conspiratory way your post sounded so I made the Terry reference, implying the government is watching you so you don't "expose" anything important ;)
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    @Hazarth Oh THAT Terry!

    That poor man, he was such a fantastic source of off the wall shit.

    Shame the way he went out. Stark Raving Mad.
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