Microsoft and Google.

I have a love and hate relationship with these 2 companies. Few things they do amazingly well, few they fuck up so bad that even a 5 year old will be ashamed of.

Great products. Mediocre implementation.

Anyway.. let me share some office stories and about the bozos I work with.

I was low key facing imposter syndrome where I felt the quality of my work sucks, I am not delivering on time, and my co-workers are super intelligent with all deep discussions they do (because they we all spend 5+ hours everyday in just internal meetings discussing things and I am the one who keeps mum all the time).

So I started paying a little attention to what's happening around. I was alert in meetings cutting my distractions, used Pomodoro today to deliver tasks, actively engaged in activities for timely deliveries.



The average experience is 18+ years but they lack basic understanding of what they are doing.

Absolutely no ability or will to listen to others. The simple philosophy, when we walk into a meeting, is LOUDEST VOICE WINS. Period.

We have no processes. FAANG level org and we function worse than a failed startup. Bunch of sheeps following each other in circles achieving no output, creating no value.

The impact we create is negative. Lol. At times I feel, we'll do great by not existing at all.

They are good people. Humble and kind. But intellectually or professionally, there's technically nothing to learn, rather I teach them.

I feel sad for myself and for them that we have such a great opportunity to learn, grow, and do kickass stuff. But we are busy wasting time because of incompetency.

When countered with strong reasoning, they go quiet because they haven't thought through anything so they don't have any answer. But as soon as they get an opportunity they start blabbering and come forth to show how great they are. Constantly taking credit. A new member joined who is slowly ruining the culture I built in the team and it seems thing might go downhill soon. Sucks to see such things happening.

Morons ruined my image in front of everyone.

We don't have meetings. We have thinking out loud sessions. One of them has something and for every task, everyone is involved and they all just bounce of their crappy opinions with each other wasting time and achieving nothing.

And then fail miserably in front of everyone blaming each other blatantly.

I am tired of explaining them to improve their approach but I am failing at it too. The behaviour seems contagious.

Fuck this shit. I am starting to hate that 2 new members.

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    Well, that sounds like average basic human behaviour ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    This is what happens when you hire competitive bastards who don't know shit about software development or even socialism. Toxic work culture (no matter what glassdoor suggests), incompetence to deliver what's expected, inability to learn and no accountability whatsoever. Hiring is still defective because of lack of focus on soft skills.
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    @SoldierOfCode good point.

    @ayushjn well I wouldn't disclose my company's hiring process as it'll bring shame to me.
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    I kinda understand the sentiment. Where I work there's a ton of discussion and debate, which could be nice because it's collaboration.

    But lately I've been dreaming about a software philosopher king. He'll just make all the design decisions without endless debate and they will be flawless. *drool*
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    Trying to understand how this all is related to Microsoft and Google?
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    @yowhatthefuck same here beo.. read the whole fuckin daily life bullshit but can't find link
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    @noms89 please be nice. This platform is full of "daily life bullshit" and it goes by the term "rant"
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    @yowhatthefuck it's not. Where did you find the connect?

    Wanted to rant about MS and Google but then decided to cut it out to office banter.
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    @F1973 yeah i believe this we call as clickbait :P

    When something opens with such an eye catching one liner, we expect the dirt to be about that. The dirt was fine tho. Good luck Keeping up with the office monkeys, i guess you are one of them now, position wise?
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    @yowhatthefuck lol I didn't think of Clickbaiting. Good idea, must try next time. Lmao.

    Yes, I have become one of those Deutsch bags now. Floyd is cog in the system. 😔😔
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    This should have been 2 rants IMO.
    Both parts feel too disconnected.
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    Lol yes, I often have multiple things going on at once so posted this.
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