Fuck fridays, fuck releases and especially s big fuck you to releases to productions on fridays.

So to give a little back story to my nightmare, we are working on a big system that are pretty complex for a big client. So 2 days ago we did get new feature requests/change how some of main things works (that would require big api/backend changes) So i am the app guy, so the chances were not that big for me, but due to the api changes i could first test it today, that started out to be fine everything worked, but like around 2 hours before our work day ended, i had to implement very simple thing. But everything went wrong, So i had to make some quick hacks, due to how i had designed it earlier. So the last 2 hours were a fight with errors in the api, and me getting pissed asf. 15 min overtime, the endpoint finally works as it should. At least it works now, i know everything else for that feature should work execpt from one option that i didnt get to test. (Its 50/50 if that part works). But i had to release it and have it ready for monday. So fuck me, now i need weekend and some time to relax.

I am sorry for my sins, for pushing some untested code :( (but the api is out of my hands)

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