What real life skills did you learn from Software dev?

My takes would be :

1. If a product is created in an organized, pre planned way with a proper architecture and design, its scaling, testing and working will be easier and reliable

2. There are a lot of ways to achieve an output and each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. Know and handle them before applying

3. Knowledge Transfer (KT) is a thing : we gotta create something in a manner that someone else could also work on it and maintain it in your absence . Again, following an architecture or guidelines helps

4. Your output should ve robust and tough to break : people are stupid and would break your shit otherwise. (And blame you for that)

5. Preoptimization is the root cause of all evils. Just start with whatever you have, keep bringing more and more items and joining them together and refactoring it make the best out of waste, until it starts becoming "good enough" .

6. There is only a path to become "good enough" , one could never reach the "best" state, as their is no nest state that would cover all possible scenarios.

7. Even this "good enough" state of mind/product/life is not constant, as what's "good enough" or "working" in this particular time/place/environment/etc won't be "good enough" in another time/place/environment. This good enough state is dynamic in nature

8. We are responsible for the actions we do, we can't run away from it . As we grow in responsibility and authority, we are also responsible for the actions of others that occurred because of us. (eg :dev : how a senior is responsible for junior's actions , life : how members of the family are responsible for the children's actions)

9. Responsibility demands dedication but also provides great benefits. basically hardwork bears fruit .

10. People are evil and always trying to divert/delay/blame. Make sure to be alert of your environment and always be in a safe position.

11. Politeness, Rudeness and being Frank/honest are your 3 options of responding to a particular situation . Know when to use which. Correctly used and you could get a successful output. Incorrectly used and your stakes are at risk

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    real life problems aren't tailored to my skill level like school problems. Also they might not necessarly be solvable and they don't get solved just by the amount of effort I already put in.

    Actually I kinda learned this in other fields already as I really like to do crafts/construction (however thats called in english) but IT is a good reminder of it
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