Haxk20 rant.

Soooo finally. Day 2 of installing gentoo cane to an end. Right before midnight my first ever freaking gentoo install booted up just fine.

Yes first ever. I did install LFS before and Arch (which i used for 7 years) but never gentoo until now.

TBH only kernel changes are needed and this system will work perfectly. I used bare minimum config i made to get it at least running without GPU first. And yeah well first boot and yeah. I love it.

Its running without GPU and its nearly as fast with it.

Thats crazy

Now i see why people say gentoo is the speed. Hell yeah it is.

But yes. The install did take me 2 days. I was aiming for that first ever boot to be a success boot. So i went slow and careful.

Did not use many guides as to learn as much as possible. And to make it more hard i did install systemd amd gnome.

Yeah thats all for today.

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