Corporate politics question: how to be active in general comm channels, so as to show the upper management that you are "working"?

Background : am gonna be frank. As the fresher/juniormost dev, my work usually happens like this :

- some senior gave me a task to do(in a 1-1 meeting/1-1 slack chat) ,
- i started working on it, asked them some questions if required (in the 1-1 slack chat/on meet call)
- finished the work, raised pr, informed them on 1-1 slack chat
- the pr received comments for changes , i responded and it got merged.
- i ask the tech lead for some task
- repeat.

This is it. There are rarely any messages of me on slack. I am guessing the seniors might have meetings of their own discussing the performance of different juniors, but am afraid this makes my position too vulnerable. Like no one else knows when i started , what am doing , how much time am taking and what is my progress except the guy that assigned me the task.

And if this hypothetical senior meeting is not happening , then am not sure in what other way do they get to track my progress. Maybe they are looking into prs and commits, but that also doesn't tell the full story.

I want to be political. To keep my ass safe if hell goes down. I am guessing using public channels might provide a better impression, but how to take those private chats to public channel?

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    That's why jirabot exists. If someone wants to nail you for not being chatty enough on slack, they're just looking for a reason to nail you.
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    Do you trust your tech lead?
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    In normal times eating dinner together is the place to bond. But in this all work from home setup it's difficult indeed. So try sending memes? 😄
    Or watch a Netflix series together with a coworker on a video call while working. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    @SortOfTested hmm, i guess i should ask for the access to jira. Even the bugs/issues i receive are the ones assigned to seniors originally, my name is not mentioned
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    @webapp yeah but pawns are first in the line to get sacrificed when key players have to be saved

    In one of my previous internship, i got into a situation where i had to discuss something directly with the boss and he was in an impression that i haven't been doing anything for a week,when i was updating continuously to my senior.
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    Since you're asking for politics specifically, I think your focus is on the wrong things. Politics aren't about doing your job, rather about "that other shit".

    First of all, you have to find out who is responsible for keeping you hired. If your objective is to stay hired, you are a vassal of that person. Next, find out what the rift lines in your company are.

    The kicker is that the your liege lord (so to say) will think that you aren't a liability if you don't fuck up, but to become an asset, you have to fall in line with his agenda.

    That goes especially when you know that someone from beyond the rift line (other department, other line) is about to start a blame game and take your liege lord under fire.

    If you give him a heads up in that situation so that he can prepare his defence, he will regard you as valuable asset, even more so than just for your work. That's how you stick out.
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    @heyheni that's what i have been doing lately. Would often send some droid jokes, that rarely receive any laughs. And mg overthinking brain has started to take that too as a wrong impression, that they might think am too casual , so have limited myself to a few jokes per week only
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    @Fast-Nop wow that's cool. Keeping a tab on liege lord's ass and how to protect it from fire hehe. I think that's doable and better way of staying safe

    But seriously thanks for understanding, i didn't knew how else to frame that. Honestly, if i have to go beyond the basic equation of doing my job == stay employed , then that's doing politics for me.
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    @Fast-Nop on a side note though, isn't this an opposite of what should be happening? If someone questions my actions, shouldn't they be coming up to save me?

    I mean if the person who am reporting to == person responsible for hire/fire me
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    @yowhatthefuck you have to understand that we're deep down all childern who are scared to death traped in an adults body trying to get by somehow.

    If you know that and can make people comfortable by acting accordingly you become valuable and liked. Do the small extras that make othere peoples life easier.
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    @yowhatthefuck That's the difference between the "official" rules and what's really going on. Officially, you are all one big company and one big team so that everyone plays together because the competition is other companies.

    In reality however, things don't work that way because there's also internal competition. If management is good, they limit that so that it doesn't become outright destructive, but it will always be there.
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    @yowhatthefuck If you want to read some classic books that may turn out to be more useful than just some more ones on tech stuff:

    1) Macchiavelli - The Prince
    2) Sun Tzu - The Art of War
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    @Fast-Nop Machiavelli? hell yeah! 👍

    And if you want go the nasty route.
    Thick Face, Black Heart: The Warrior Philosophy for ... - Amazon.com
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    @yowhatthefuck And don't be a ego centric jerk. If you want something or have an idea, always think what others want.
    Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition: Robert B ...
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    @heyheni Being a jerk and a nice guy complement each other. That would be roughly along the lines of Laozi's "Tao Te Ching" with regard to unity of opposites. ;-)
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    Beats me, I have zero involvement with public groups at work.

    Do your job, and skrew the politics.
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    Always get a task assigned to your name in jira. Don't bother with politics. Just do more things than seniors or more difficult and you'll get recognition even if you don't want it
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    Doing the best possible job and self promoting are effective ways to improve your standing in your current company only. That's ok, but I would advise you to focus on things that improve your standing in other companies
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    Didn't read the thread. Short version:

    - If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact the people who can sort them out with you. Product-wise it may be your PO/PM, like if you need to clarify the product specs, technical ones are better sorted out with Middle/Senior guys.

    - Always try to track your stuff on Jira accurately. It has worklogs, use them.

    - Better yet if you can get a timer that you will use to better document (for yourself, of course) what you're doing. It's not really on politics (yet can be used to report precisely) but it helps you to eliminate your distractions, etc., additional job security stuff.
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    Just do your job :/
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    @PaszaVonPomiot yes that's how I get by... Although I seem to be overqualified since I started so not too hard. I'm like the guy that introduces be tech... Or figured out how to use them properly
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