Fuck birthdays, i normally dont care about these kinds of things.

But i can feel its going to be a shitty day tomorrow, my mom gets fired tomorrow on that day after been fucked for years by scammers, traitors and other trash that rule the society in my country and if that wasnt enough getting treated as trash by people who are working for this trash government after been working for years in a low paying job and paid her taxes.

And if that wasnt enought its going to be a hell at work tomorrow. I would just eidh this shitty day tomorrow would disappear, so my suffering and misery would be gone

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    Yeah, all those people getting excited for no particular reason is a PITA
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    @F1973 She got told yesterday, since its a little workplace it has turned to a clusterfuck the past year or so. It turned to a clusterfuck after years for a boss that has been scamming/stealing money from the place by "being on sick leave for years" (and yes the boss wasnt sick, but lying) and then the replacement for her position did make poor decsitions that doomed the place. (My mom has been working there since before i were born).

    Well its like a lower part of the government, i had no idea whats its called in english, so i just used the word government.
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    @F1973 Luckly we arent in any economic trouble, but its probably going to be hard to find a new job with her education, its a sub category of the one required for what she is doing.

    I am afraid that she is going to work for a state owned place, since this bitch from the state needed to straight up insult and question my mom and her co workers the way she did (my mom is one of these being to kind and good towards everyone type of person), in arrogant and superior complex way.
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    @F1973 Well i dont even think that bitch from the state is having that high of a postion, just that alot of people working for the state is assholes in general.
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    @F1973 People like her makes me hate paying taxes, since my taxes is paying for her job.
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    @F1973 Your logic makes completely sense for me, everyone wants to be in a better situation and that depends on what situation they are in.

    In my situation its giving the fuck finger to the society when i see how they are treating my mom and what my dad has got for paying the top bracket.
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    @F1973 And my views of capitalism has mostly grown strong, when i have seen how the system has failed my mom (low income) and my dad (high income)
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    @F1973 My problem with the system in Denmark as one example of how i better like a more capitalism like society, some people are getting more money from not working at all by benefits, also allowing things like my mom former boss did for years, getting fully paid by faking being sick on sick leave.

    If thats what her taxes goes to, she would be better off without the taxes at all. Also the high taxe rate my dad got, makes it pretty useless to work hard, to earn more earn more financially.
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    @F1973 Tbh i dont really mind any rich people, since their tax cut is way higher than anyone else and creating jobs that keep the country and the economic running and has no benefits from our system. Unlike the people of this system who have benefits from the system and choose to abuse it.
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    @F1973 Also my philosophy on the concept of greedy. For me being greedy isnt that you own let say maybe 100x times more than someone else, but rather what you did to archive. In my opinion you arent necessary greedy because you are rich.

    Look at the amount of scammers, many of them arent rich but greedy as fuck, since their actions reflect on they would do anything for archive their goal.

    So dont get me wrong i am not saying there is a lot of greedy rich people, i am just saying being rich doesnts equals being greedy in itsself.
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