I still haven't met someone more confused and retarded as me.

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    Hold my beer.
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    And yet... wtf you on about bro?
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    @C0D4 I have just one day left of my notice and I am unable to make a decision whether to stay back or go.

    I have spoken to so many friends, family, and advisors brainstorming pros and cons of both steps.
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    @F1973 ah, the anxious regret that comes with leaving. Bro kick that door down and get into this next role. We await your rants of the next phase of your adventure.
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    @C0D4 stop confusing me further.

    After tons of analysis, I have decided to stay back. Want to experience retention and decline of job offer.

    Maybe in next 6 months, I see myself in new place.

    I built myself a runway to find a bigger jump than what I scored currently.
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    @F1973 very well, enjoy your stay at hotel @Floyd while the engraneers build that bigger plane for you.
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    @C0D4 Stop being sarcastic now will ya!!!
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    @F1973 Sure. I'll stop now. It's not like you've ever listened to me anyway... *Sobs*
    I mean how could you fuck that whore!!

    (Good luck)
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    @F1973 the one time I'm sincere 😪
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    Hello there, the angel from my nightmare, the shadow in the background of the morgue, the unsuspecting victim..
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    @Jilano Damn!!! I didn't fuck the whore... She ran away with my money. I am the one at loss...

    @C0D4 Sure you were 😏😏😏😏
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    @rutee07 o.O

    Why are you trying to turn me on at this odd hour darling?
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    @C0D4 I know right? So rude... Why do we always get hurt by trying to help the ones we love?
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    For every ϵ ∈ D, there exist α > ϵ and β < ϵ such that α, β ∈ D.
    D is the set of all dumb fucks. Everybody is a dumb fuck on some level.
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    @Jilano 💔💔💔💔

    Dont guilt trip me now.

    @r20408e122449d what the fuck!!
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    I recently went through the same. On one hand more money counter offered to stay, and supposedly all my requests met.

    On the other the company proves time and time again that quality is not their concern, only throwing shit out the door.

    I declined and went with less money for a company with more similar values.

    Still I question myself. One can't know of it's going to be shit until working there. If it is then I've thrown away £8k a year.
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    @craig939393 true.

    My current employer is not that great when it comes to learnings or earnings (though it's a FAANG brand lol), but my manager is a good guy and I have lots and lots of freedom to work my way, bring in new stuff, experiment, good relationship with people and I can get things done using my social capital.

    In the times of pandemic, taking a risk to a new employer with 6 month probation and uphill journey in terms of building trust is not worth for the whatsoever little learning I will get.

    I settled on lower salary than what I have in hand and going forward for what future holds for me.
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    That cannot be true. The worst dumbasses are the kind that think they're smart.
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    @ostream o.O

    Is that a compliment in disguise? :P
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    Yes <3
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    seriously though you were talking about staying and company and stuff, personally I'm having the opposite feeling, I feel the job security thing but I'm getting a bit bored already, this is my first job, I wonder what else is out there. I was also considering contracting for a while.
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    Especially when I see some people write things like

    try {


    } catch {}

    for no reason
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    @ostream yes, you are right. That might be the case for you. Maybe not for @C0D4 who is more invested in his employer than other way around and might prefer job stability.

    Such decisions are major life decisions and involve comparison of ton of parameters as one minor misalignment/alignment can change the entire career trajectory and course of one's life.

    It depends on individual priorities and how one sees their own goals.
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    "The worst dumbasses are the kind that think they're smart."

    Uh oh, what about people who "know" they are smart. I feel like I might be in that category. Is this a bad sign?
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    @F1973 I wouldn't call it invested, I didn't buy shares in the place.

    But the pay is reasonable, the hours are good, the team keeps the insanity at bay.... most days, and the workload is almost always at OMFG levels and increasing.
    I don't enjoy not being busy, but running full speed constantly can kill you too.

    Being the dev behind many systems in this place offers the freedom many don't get when it comes to implementing features or fixes across multiple systems and having the working knowledge of many projects to know e2e how everything works and joins up together, and when a change on project1 will affect project2 and so on.

    - this isn't for everyone though.
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    @C0D4 investment does not always mean monetary investment via buying shares. You are smart enough to understand that one.
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    @Demolishun there's rationally knowing you're not dumb, and it's ok to have self-esteem ofc, but don't be so sure you're smarter than anyone else. Not only from a social point of view but in general overconfidence is a big factor in catastrophes
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