it feels so wrong to write a mail to company for providing a laptop 😅
I mean yeah my personal laptop is a trash and takes 20 minutes to build, but i am not any less lazy XD

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    Well you'll get more done between being lazy
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    @F1973 Exactly. Laptop, phone, etc. If you want me to use something, provide the tools.
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    The abuses of employers and financial liabilities places on employees increase daily. It won't be long before we're all paying the house like strippers to perform.
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    actually before my joining, my conversation with the hiring hr went like this:

    hr: so you will be joining us in next month?
    me : yea, i got my final college exams this month.
    hr: sure no problem. but what about the laptop? do you have a laptop?
    me :Yes i do have one. its fairly decent but it gets slow for large projects.
    hr : hmm. ok, then let's see that during your onboarding. once you will start, then we can send you a laptop
    that was the day and then joining came. i joined, been there for a month, contributed actively . my team mates and seniors can see how long my build times are and they are also saying me to ask for a laptop. The company structure usually have so many people that i was not sure to whom even ask this thing or if I should.
    So i waited a month to bring this topic. I discussed with the Hr, she gave me the mails and I mailed them.
    Its just weird because i am very new to this corporate culture and in india, we ask only if we deserve for something.
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    Bad life advice incoming!

    Use own laptop, "accidently" leak project on Github and say it was a dude through a ramsomware that forced you to do it because there is no software to protect you.

    No one will use the project's code anyways because I'm sure every company with those practices have humanly obfuscated trash code.
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    @yowhatthefuck you can simply, one day, say that your laptop doesn't work.
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