devRant 101

Let's start with basics:

If you are new here, welcome to devRant. We swear a lot, we rant a lot but we are a small community of good people.

Now let's quickly understand what are tags and how do they work.

Definition: tags help in categorising your post and make it easier for search and recommendation algorithms to do their job.

Filters: They help users to pick the kind of content they want in their feed by adding or removing certain tags/categories. If you mistag your post, this might annoy some of us.

Different kinds of tag:
Rant/Story: Use this tag when you are pissed at anything (more specifically tech because that's what this platform is for but anything in life works too) or you have a story to tell. Community usually expects a long meaningful post under this category.

Joke/Meme: Please, I repeat, PLEASE use this tag if you want to repost memes, edgy jokes, or crappy images. We take this shit serious and if you mistag anything, please delete and try again or don't cry when called out.

Question: Use this when you need community opinion and NOT for Stackoverflow questions.

devRant: Use this for posts directed towards this platform or community. Mostly meta posts like this one. Can also be used for weekly group rants.

Random: Use this when you want to share something fun or cool about yourself, an incident, or you found anything on internet which we must have a look at. Can be used if you are unsure about which tag to go for. But please make sure, not to mistag your jokes and memes.

Some unwritten house rules:

1. No Politics. No Religion. Period.
2. Mutual respect to each community member. You are free to disagree with someone on their opinion but don't go ad hominem mode. Don't be a dick.
3. No shit posting please. Take a dump at home.
4. No bots or spamming of any kind. If you see a troll, don't feed them by dedicating a post to them. Starve them of attention and they will die off. Ignorance works effectively than active engagement. Saves time and energy too.

Now, what to do when you find any of the above not followed by a new or an existing member?

Well, instead of being rude, let's all try to be polite and share a link to this post and help them understand that we all are focused on building a good and healthy community.

This post will help them understand where they went wrong and how they can improve.

If someone is a repeat offender, let's down-vote, report, and move on. We all are mature and professional enough to understand the basics and forcing someone to learn something will not get us anywhere if they don't want to learn.

#LetsRebuildTheCommunity #ProjectDevRant101

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    I have mixed feelings about the no politics rule.

    I like it ... and at the same time politics can (especially for some) play a large part in someone's life.

    If someone is worried about their rights being denied or otherwise altered by a political party or figure ... can't talk about that... that seems like a strange / artificial filter.

    I got laid off when a company acquisition was directly approved by a politician... but no politics...

    The line between politics and other people's lives and careers isn't binary IMO.
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    @N00bPancakes Agreed but once someone starts the discussion it quickly escalates into heated debate which can affect the bon homie of the community.

    Ofc one can rant about anything they feel like but then try to avoid those discussions.
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    Pin this Rant and make it mandatory to be read by all Green Dots.
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    @theabbie No authoritarianism here; this isn’t Reddit, and that never leads anywhere pleasant anyway.

    @F1973 @N00bPancakes. It’s a grey area, but it’s basically always best to err on the side of noping out and not posting it. If it’s directly related to tech and completely neutral, it can be acceptable. But tread very carefully.
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    @Root Making them understand this platform is not Authoritarian, Reading this before posting is better for them than facing humiliation and embarassment later.
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    @theabbie Forcing people to do something that *you* think is in *their* best interest is authoritarian.
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    @Root Preventing shitpost is always better than downvoting it later. These are rules which community has to follow, it's Good for everyone.
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    @N00bPancakes Lol you see the above discussion and how things got political?

    Exactly the point I was trying to make.
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    Where there is no law... There is no offence.

    If the current policies are unknown to new members then they're likely to be broken.
    Nevertheless, I think currently during one's initial posts there are already efforts on the app to remind the user of these guidelines.

    But one thing I know for sure is that shit posters will always remain shit posters and the downvote button is there mainly for the purpose of silenting their shitty post.

    If you need the community to be better then make use of the downvote button extensively. Anytime you see a shit post do downvote and also call out their bluff if you need to then move on. I believe that's the cleanest way to teach a user (new/old) what's bad and what's good.
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    > No Politics. No Religion.

    Jesus for president 2024!
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    I think there's a big difference between Policy and Politics.

    Just yelling about your preferred party/politician and waving a certain colored flag is never that useful, it just devolves into a shouting match about preference for purple vs yellow.

    However, we regularly discuss POLICY, especially when it affects things like technology, privacy, internet infrastructure, etc.

    So I think "Fuck Australian gov for not building fiber" is a valid rant, while "Elon Musk should be President because his memes are the best" is not.
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    *no bots*
    @theabbie left the chat
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    @yowhatthefuck He meant spambots, I build High-Quality Utility Bots
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    @theabbie Meme bot is neither high quality nor utility :P
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    @F1973 Nor a spam bot, Quality is subjective
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    @theabbie don't we have a benchmark on quality?
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    @F1973 It's a great Bot if used properly, but people here seem to be Memophobic
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    @theabbie don't blame the user, change the design.
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    Also, a reminder that this page exists too: https://devrant.com/rules
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    @cafecortado point me where it explains tags, unwritten rules, and where people read it.

    If you cannot then delete your reminder.
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    I mean it has additional rules to your post, is not a substitute. And I put it here as a reminder precisely because it can't be found anywhere in the app, so green dots that visit this rant can have a chance to see it.
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    @cafecortado oh that way. Fair enough.
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    @F1973 also, no politics rule is written in there
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    Confused about unwritten. Because they are no longer unwritten 🤯
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    @dder asshole 😂😂😂😂
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    @F1973 🤭
    EDIT: I sure agree with the rules...
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    Roger that 👌
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    Lmao k chief 😛 look at me though: sexy, rich, popular, never gave a flying fuck about dEvRaNt rULeS.

    Just post whatever you want, be YOU. Trying to fit the agenda means digital death by eternal irrelevance
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    Also you worship oLd dEvRanT, so imagine delarge seeing this post. What would he say?

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    DevRant is at its best when it's raw and vulgar about situations/coworkers/employers/clients/governments/populations/etc, but reasonably sensitive about the other inhabitants who post here.

    Don't go ad hominem. That's the only real rule needed to keep things from escalating.

    You voted for Trump or Biden? You're secretly curious about the mouth-feel of Angela Merkel's breasts? You love soccer and cheer for FC Whatever? You painted a communist flag on your van?

    That's all fine. We're human. We are allowed to make choices, even when they're wrong (ew, Merkel's tits? Really?). We don't need to light each other on fire because of it.

    Coding can be political as well: There are so many things which split people into camps.

    DevRant is a place where you can set anonymous parties on fire, in a simulated environment. You can even write rants where you yourself are clearly the unreasonable party, just to smash some porcelain with a baseball bat.

    Just don't smash other ranters.
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    Rules or not, I love you all. Sometimes I feel as if I am weird for having these thoughts, but then I see I am not alone. This seemingly non-moderated thing is amazing. I once made a fidonet channel of my own just for that. Shared it with some close friends so we could blow off steam. Devrant reminds me of that a lot.
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    What are you a cop or something?
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    Thanks for this post. It helps.
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