Pardon my bad english I'm not a native speaker at all, btw I'm not good in making paragraphs either, even in my language)

Windows software seems to have lost its charm. Windows 7 for example had a UI full of stuff to change and play within the settings tab, it also didn't just have a static, boring flat styling for nearly EVERYTHING in the software!(unlike windows 10) Another thing is that windows looks more like some business "professional" app downloaded from a weird site on google. No pre-downloaded games, no pseudo-3d user interface, and no msn or a new messenger thing for windows(even if people still used win live microsoft was like: "shut it down anyway lol"). Oh and did I mention the laggy system and the daily updates that change nothing but minute problems no one ever had?

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    the taskbar literally crashed while I was writting the post. Even if my computer was bought like a month ago.
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    welcome to devrant.
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    If I could opt out on features of windows 10, it'll be its UWP apps. They suck as hell.
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    Win 7 was nice, but Win 10 is such a piece of shit that I migrated not only to Linux myself, but also the PCs of non-IT end users in my family. Yeah, Linux has come that far. Just abandon Windows, it won't become any better.
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    Solid first rant :)
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    be welcomed, stranger. :)

    windows.. if you ask some folks, some would say, that it is nothing but a glorified game launcher.
    last time, my win10 were booted, I was attending a LAN party early December last year..
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